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Best Hair Salons in Amarillo | Top 10 Hair Salons

Best Hair Salons in Amarillo

Anyone who is looking best haircut or hair salon in Amarillo for their curly hair, then this article is recommended for those. Luxury Hair Salons in Amarillo are highly regarded because they are excellent businesses to improve the economic condition. Amarillo is a beautiful city in Texas where hair salons are a very important profession. This business is given a lot of importance here. These salons play an important role in the business development of people. This article will provide you with a lot of information about professional hair salons in Amarillo, which will be very useful.
America has a massive and robust state with many cities. One of its cities is the city of Amarillo, which has its beauty. The city was founded in 1887. When a railway was being built through a construction camp, it became the most famous in the world, and the reason for its fame was that the city became the center of increasing professional activities. It grew in importance based on business reasons. This article will help you learn more about Amarillo and Hair Salons in Amarillo.


1. The Lennox Salon Amarillo

Address: 2600 Paramount Blvd C4, Amarillo, TX           Phone: 806-654-3108

The Lennox Salon Amarillo, you are a professional. Because the customer who comes here is given a lot of importance, their lovely professional staff gives a lot of importance to the visitors with the best services. You will enjoy it a lot if you come here. Their lovely professional staff knows all kinds of hair treatments for any hair-related problem. Here you will find all kinds of information about hair. Be it hair dyeing, hair coloring, or blow massage, and you are served in the best packages. The highly trained trending team will not let you down at all. Also, you will get the best service for eye extensions and hair extensions. According to the Google business profile and my personal opinion, The Lennox Salon is the best salon among my top 10 hair salons in Amarillo.

Jan N and Nuvia have great expertise in hair coloring. They are very well-trained in hair coloring. Whether it’s light hair color or intense hair color, Jan has the best skills. Their best staff members have very impressive trends in terms of colors. You will come to this salon they will dress you up as you wish.

Erin makes the modern style its motto and incorporates the latest trends in its work. It has mastered all art forms in the best possible ways. It is also his aim to incorporate the training he has received into his work in daily life. She is an excellent professional with excellent iron cut, style, makeup, and micro-building skills. She plays an important role in giving every client a feeling of confidence and beauty by sitting in her chair.

Highlights and Services

  1. Professional Hair cut, Hair Extensions, Women Hair cut, Kids’ professional Hair cut
  2. Makeup services, Professional Eyelash extensions
  3. Hair coloring services, Ombre services, Color Bands, Toner services
  4. OPI Nail art services and Sugar Waxing services
  5. Half Head Highlight and Full Head Highlight
  6. Global Tint Retouch, T section Highlights, and Deep Conditioner
  7. Deep Tint With T section
  8. Pure Gloss services, Blow out services, and Brow and Lips services


2. Chatterbox Salon Amarillo

Address: 616 SW 8th Ave, Amarillo, TX          Phone:  (440) 237 4400

Chatterbox Salon has been doing very positive and great work in Amarillo for the past year. This salon is doing its best in fashion. Its main objective is to benefit the customer, Where it has very good and professional importance regarding hair. It is to groom and benefit the customer according to all his wishes in this salon. A positive attitude, excellent cleanliness and professionalism, punctuality, quality work, and customer value are very important. The owner of this salon is very interesting and competent. It has the best hair coloring work expertise and gives its customers a lot of importance. Their professional service leaves nothing to be desired. The best haircut facilities, this one has the best experts from all my hair salons in Amarillo list.

Highlights and Services

  1. Special Event Styling Services
  2. Saravana Porosity Treatment
  3. Oplex Treatment Services
  4. Facial Waxing treatment
  5. Color Correcting services
  6. Hair coloring treatment
  7. Hair Cutting services: Men’s haircut, women’s haircut, and Kids’ as well


3. Kismet Salon

Address: 3221 6th Ave, Amarillo, TX          Phone:  608-405-5102

Donna Griffin established this salon in 2010 and has been doing great work for 19 years. Donna has a very beautiful personality. She has been doing excellent hair work for the past 19 years. You will get the best service in styling, extension perms, wedding packages, furrow packages, and waxing here. Destiny Salon is a beautiful beauty parlor with a unique and prestigious professional reputation in Amarillo. They have very affordable rates with very low packages and excellent staff with a professional appointment. You will always be able to continue visiting their salon if you want because their excellent attendants are there to serve the customers in the best possible way. Destiny Salon is located in a very cozy location on the edge.
Donna Griffin is a trained salon owner. She founded Kismet Salon in Amarillo, Texas, in 2010. Donna has been working in hair for the past 19 years. She has worked for Tony & Guy in Dallas and Amarillo. After receiving the best training from there, she went out. While there, he received training from various hairstyle designers, welcoming other great designers to improve his salon and give it a special place in Amarillo. Committed. Today she succeeds in this with his highly trained and oriented team. Customers are very happy with him and benefit from his trained team. Her highly trained stylists are satisfied with the quality, which is why her salon has become one of the best names in Amarillo.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Hair cutting, Hair Styling, Hair coloring, Hair treatment, Hair Extensions, and Hair Highlights coloring services
  2. Makeup services and skin care services
  3. Waxing and Eyelid Extensions
  4. Event management services
  5. Keratin Treatment and Scallop message


4. 806 Barber and Beauty Salon:

Address: 3350 Olsen Blvd #800, Amarillo, TX          Phone:  806-354-8100

806 Barber & Beauty Salon is a premium hair salon and barber shop covered in my best hair salons in Amarillo, Texas, dedicated to providing the best grooming and grooming services for the entire family. This salon was established in 2016. it is a shop that works side by side to provide many important hairdressing and grooming services for men, women, and children. In this shop, you will find the highlights of traditional style at its best. Come in, and you’ll be treated to an elegant reception. From traditional hot towel shaves to single highlights and all your hair care and grooming needs and services, you’ll find a new level of service here. Get a chance to try on the spot.

They have a trained staff of traditional styles that give the best welcome to the customer as soon as they arrive and make them look the way they want to look. Here, walk-ins are best welcomed by appointment to receive their services. Scheduling makes them feel welcome. Their trained staff does not make the customer wait for long, makes him sit in the chair with a welcome, and plays an important role in fulfilling all his needs. You will find the traditional style of street razors, hair coloring, special event makeup, hair care, grooming services, and classic products here. Their trained staff plays an important role in helping the customers.
Ricky Davies has provided superior hair cutting and traditional shaving for customer relaxation and bath services.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Makeup and Grooming services
  2. Haircutting and styling, Kids’ Hair cut, Men Hair cut, and Women Hair cut
  3. Straight Lazor services
  4. Hair coloring, Hair Treatment, and Traditional Lazor
  5. Events services


5. Haircut Lounge Salon:

Address: 2600 Paramount Blvd C4, Amarillo, TX          Phone: 806-322-0977

Haircut Lounge Salon in Amarillo, Texas, is known for creating and treating modern hair types. They manufacture various hair products that protect hair from dryness and humidity. People buy their products hand in hand and apply them to their hair, making them very happy. Here customers can get all kinds of eyebrows, lips, freckles, streak marks, ponies, and permanent makeup. Kinds of services are available. They have well-trained and ethical staff who consider customer service the best. They try as they want. Their experts better all the features of hair products and all types of hair treatments and extensions and are important and helpful in treating people’s hair. For these reasons, people use their products and get the best results.
Tattoo makeup has special importance in terms of modernity. Tattoo makeup is also available in this salon. Any part can be tattooed. This salon also has the best hair extension services. Customers can buy any best extension according to their favorite color and shade. Along with this, the facilities of the eyebrow station are also available.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Bridal services
  2. Hair styling and hair treatment services, Hair Extensions services
  3. Women Hair cut, Kids hair cut, Men’s hair cut services, Hair coloring and correcting services
  4. Makeup services, Skin Care services, and treatment
  5. Perming activities and services
  6. Beards and Mustaches services, and Blowout services


6. Salon Lola Paige:

Address: 5215 Coulter St S Suite 200, Amarillo, TX          Phone:  806-282-2250

Salon Lola Page is a premier hair and makeup salon in Amarillo, Texas, with a gorgeous building. Here you will get all kinds of services related to fashion. They have professional staff who give the best welcome to the visitors. You will find yourself in a very calm and comfortable place. Their staff is so professionally trained that every customer who comes to them keeps returning. They have bridal services, hair color services, hair extension services, hair treatment services, and hairstyles. Services, blowout services, and eyebrow extensions are all available. Apart from this, men’s haircut service is also available. They have very affordable packages that everyone can easily availability.
Hair Treatment provides you with all kinds of services regarding hair loss; their products give you valuable benefits that repair hair. Apart from hair color, if you want to style this salon, they have packages at very low prices, in which you will get all these things in one package from this salon. After that, you will want to come here again. This is because of the excellent behavior of their superb staff, which makes people come to Lola Page. Visit Facebook Page for more information and further details.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Women’s Hair cut, Men’s Hair cut, and Kids Hair cut services
  2. Hair styling and hair, Hair treatment services, and Hair Extensions
  3. Eyebrow Extensions services
  4. Perming service and Products for sail
  5. Hair coloring services
  6. Karine treatment services


7. Hair chic Salon:

Address: 6037 SW 34th Ave, Amarillo, TX          Phone: 806-242-4247

Hair Chic Salon is a certified Lanza salon. Hair Chic Salon was founded in 2010 in Amarillo, Texas. It plays an important role. Hair Chic Sloan has two owners, Ashlyn, and Lauren S, doing a great job together. They have worked together for the past seven years and a few years. Also took over the ownership of this salon and never looked back. They have taken his business forward and his salon to new modernity, which is why people trust him so much. The team work together to create a wonderful environment for all their clients, which makes them enjoy themselves so much and keep coming back to get their work done. It brings Lanza products to its salons.
Hair Chic Salon offers a wide variety of healing hair color services, Baylage, and custom hair color. Special techniques are worked on. Apart from this, different packages are provided to make the bridal beautiful.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Hair Cut services for men, Women, and Kids
  2. Hair treatment and Custom hair color services
  3. Bridle makeup services at a reasonable price
  4. Skin Care and Facial services
  5. Balayage services and Eyebrow Extensions services
  6. Perming service and Lanza products services
  7. Scallop message


8. Braxton Paul Salon:

Address: 2301 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX          Phone: 806-331-8364

Braxton Paul Salon is one of the best hair salons in Amarillo, Texas. And comfortable is doing a great job. The salon has the most trained, knowledgeable, and professional hair stylists and lashes artist staff members dedicated to making you look your best and feel comfortable. Their experienced hairstylists are always passionate about improving their profession. They are eager to work with you to create any hairstyle you desire to give you a fashionable look. ‘Wade’ Malik has been a prominent hairdresser for over twenty years. He has professionally trained his team in unique international techniques.
Its trained staff continuously educates product experts on products, technology, and hair care to bring out the best in all your beautiful styles. In addition, Braxton Paul Salon offers some additional services and activities, including manicures, pedicures, shellac and nail art, facials, and skin treatments. Apart from this, they also provide special packages for special wedding events.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Makeup and Bridal look services
  2. Olaplex services and T_sectin services
  3. Full Highlights and Partial Hair highlights
  4. Tint Services and Dream Catchers
  5. Hair Extensions, hair cutting for all, and Eyebrow Extensions services
  6. Waxing services and Spiral perms services
  7. Hair coloring and Balayage services


9. SmartStyle Hair Salon:

Address: 5730 W Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo          Phone: 806-352-2685

Smart Style Hair Salon offers a complete range of hair services, including haircuts for women, men, and children, along with color services, perms, styling, and waxing in a relaxed environment. This salon is readily available at Walmart stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Smart Style Hair Salon is a quality, professional, full-service trained salon that plays an important role in beautifying you and providing a comfortable experience. This Saloncom offers the most beautiful hairstyles and hair treatment services at affordable prices and in convenient packages. Haircut and color services are also included. At SmartStyle, customers will have a pleasant and relaxing experience as their friendly, professionally trained staff of hair stylists play an important role in providing quality service.

The best goal of the qualified staff is to serve the customer with special importance and character. In addition, elegant style offers professional hair care with its highly qualified staff. Trust offers beneficial products for people’s hair, including Biolage, Redken, Paul Mitchell, and Designline. These products are visible and beneficial for all types of hair.

Highlights and Services:

  1. Express haircut, Kids Hair cut, Hair Extensions, and Hair Conditioning services
  2. Facial, Waxing, and styling services
  3. Full and Partial highlights
  4. Perms services
  5. Eyebrow Extensions services
  6. Scallop message


10. Great Clips Salon Amarillo

Address: 6200 Hillside Rd, Ste 300 Amarillo          Phone: 806-418-8579

Great Clip is a beautiful salon in Amarillo, Texas. This salon plays an important role for Amarillo people. Great Clips is based on many best services for their honorable customers. This salon gives their customer confidence for a great haircut and styling. The Salon cares about the well-being of its customers and stylists. Their Great Care Promise is supportive and committed to keeping everyone in the salon safe and comfortable. This salon is very welcoming to those who come in for a haircut. The salon’s main virtues are punctuality and orderliness, which are said to be peaceful. Their trained staff is committed to making the salon feel clean and comfortable.
The salon also commits to regular cleaning and disinfecting the equipment. Their trained staff also wash hands frequently and sanitize. All GreatClip salons are independently owned and operated and are important in following the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial and local guidelines. Here you will be provided with all kinds of information regarding fashion makeup hair.

Highlights and Services:

  • Haircuts Service for Men, Women, and Kids
  • Hair styling and treatment
  • Neck trim, Hair Extensions, Hair shampoo, and conditioning services at affordable prices
  • Beard trim service
  • Full and Partial highlights
  • Facial and Waxing services
  • Eyebrow Extensions services

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