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Top 11 Best Hair Salons in Austin Tx

Best Hair Salons in Austin

Are you in search of the Best Hair Salon in the area? Keep an eye out! In this post, I’ll describe the top 10 best Salons for hair within Austin City, which are the most efficient and straightforward to find for anyone. Austin City has particular importance for cutting-edge hairstyles. Regarding fashion, the hairdressing industry has been given a prominent place in this city. Numerous hair salons are well-known in the fashion world. Because the people here are highly sophisticated, they take on multiple fashion trends in their sophisticated society. They have to handle a variety of business concerns. People from every walk of life participate in the latest hairstyles in various ways, from ladies to men and old and young children.

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We will highlight this city’s renowned beauty salons and provide details about all hair salons that play a significant part in the growth and growth of fashion. Austin City has many qualities of growth. The city is the capital of Austin City, located in the US State of Texas, and is divided into Heys and Williamson nations. Astin City was included in the United States on 27 December 1939. It is the 11th most populous city in the United Nations. Texas is the fourth most popular city and is the second largest capital. The city in 2010 saw significant growth, which has become very well-known. It is based on Bella Salon and is available for all hair and beauty tasks. They supply all the services as per the order of their customers. It’s the best option for all kinds of fashion activities.

The famous top ten hair salons in Austin City follow what we cover according to Google Reviews.


1. Urban Betty Salon Austin (Best Of Austin 2023)

Address:  38TH STREET SUITE 1107, AUSTIN, 78705          Phone:  +1 512-371-7663

Urban Betty, located in an exclusive and high-end shopping center, provides salon color services, haircuts, styling, and blowouts to women and men of all ages. Their salon specializes in premium color services like Brazilian blowout services for bridal decoration purposes and unique accommodations for parties. It also ffering superior color services and Brazilian blowout services, among many other services like lip waxing and makeup application treatments, conditioning treatment treatments, brow shaping services as well as serving drinks to their customers – among other amenities they offer.

Urban Betty Salon provides an inviting atmosphere of friendly faces and talented individuals dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line hair and makeup guidance services and professional advice about available packages.

Urban Betty is a proud member of the Female Founder Collective and a very progressive and modern woman. This creates a network of trained women-led businesses that support women and support them in a thriving environment so that they can best run their businesses alongside men. This a great way to empower business owners and leaders to grow their businesses with their inspiring ideas. City Search awarded Urban Betty the Best Blowout Service in Austin for her work in 2007, 2008, and 2013.

Highlights and Services:

  • Haircut: Short pixie cuts, long bob haircuts, extra long hair
  • Color: Single Process color, Dimensional Highlights, and Toner
  • Premium Color service: Ombre service, Balayage, Vivid pastels consultation, Conditioning treatment, Hairstyling, and Hair Removal


2. Bella Hair Salon Austin Tx

Address: 1221 W 6th St., Suite A Austin, TX 78703          Phone:  (512)-474-5999

Bella Hair Salon is essential to hairdressing and styling. Bella’s Hair Salon was founded in 1990. It offers all hairstyles, such as hair balayage and highlights, DevaCurl haircuts, different haircuts, etc. These are great for building confidence. Packages are offered based on the affordability of each person. The salon inspires people to become their best clients. It is on my top 10 list of hair salons for Austin. It is, therefore, the number one hair salon on my list.

Visit Website:

Bella Salon Services:

  • Women’s haircuts, Men’s Hair cuts, Hairstyling, dressing activities, Hair extensions services, and Hair treatment services
  • Best nail art services and treatment
  • Classic Pedicure and Classic Manicure services
  • Chemical peels services, Anti-aging treatment services
  • Facial treatment and skin polish change services
  • Eyebrow services, Blowout services


3. L7 Salon – One of the best hair salons in Austin

Address: 3405 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705           Phone: +1 512-453-5500

L7, located in Austin, is among the top salons for hair located in Austin in the list. The salon has grown into a well-known and well-known persona in the community thanks to its dedication and experience. It is an entirely professional salon that is committed to providing high-quality haircuts to the people of their local community. Their experienced and trained staff are experts in all hair types, including cutting hair, expert coloring, and cutting-edge styling techniques.

Their courteous staff understands the aspects of styling hair. They welcome everyone to their salon and pamper their clients with the finest style and professionalism. They offer the best deals to all who come here and show them great deals. This is why people prefer to visit and make their own choices about what they need.

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Aspects & Services

  1. L7 Salon fully serves in Austin and encompassing networks with hair administrations work in customized hairstyles, professional hair tones, and hairstyling.
  2. They repair hair colors this way, and fractional features and additional items, such as B3 bond defender added to variety or dye and profound molding.
  3. The salon utilizes authorized beauticians prepared under the proprietor for at least a half year.
  4. Repair hair colors, color the hair 
  5. Hairstyling, dressing activities, Hair extensions services
  6. Men’s Haircut, Women’s Haircut, Kids’ Haircut


4. Shag Hair Salon Austin

Address: 2203 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704         Phone:  (512) 851-7424

The Shag Salon was founded in 2001 and opened on July 1st, 2019. It was purchased by Austin Natives, Beau Clements, and Michael Zuniga to welcome all visitors to Austin. The salon at the Shag is one of the top hair salons in Austin City. The salon is famous for its services and offers essential hair styling techniques.

It also serves as an excellent training facility that offers excellent opportunities to girls. Fantastic staff with high morals can do their job by engaging in fashion-related activities. You will get all the information about fashion and the most effective services. You can get all the latest fashion events anytime since they are always open—the residents in Austin City like their sincere work in this salon. Look at their top services, ranked as Austin’s 3rd full hair salon, along with High-end cutting and a range of options.

Their stylists will design an appearance tailored to your requirements, needs, and facial characteristics. This salon provides an innovative yet simple method to handle every hair-related task we do. This salon’s staff specializes in layered Balayage hair painting with a refreshing tone and transforming regular styles as well as straight, modern, state-of-the-art precision cuts and styles for people planning weddings and high-end photo shoots.

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Shag Salon Services:

  • Cutting & Makeup: Men’s Hair cut, Kids’ Haircuts, Hair extensions, Hairstyling, and Haircutting
  • Coloring services and Hair Treatments
  • Shag Bridal services
  • Shag blowout services
  • Perming Services


5. Ashleigh Grounds Hair Salon

Address:  830 W 3rd. Street #1152. Austin, TX,78701          Phone:  (469) 879-4284

Ashleigh cast a vote in the top 20 salons of 2020 and 2021 Austin by Expertise and the best hair stylist in Austin in 2012 by RAW Artists. To give a few examples, Ashleigh has been highlighted in Talent magazines, BlogTalkRadio, KXAN, and Studio 512. Ashleigh has worked on different occasions for the New York Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week. We worked on photoshoots for the San Antonio Spurs TV fragments for KXAN and other VIPs.

Ashleigh Ground Hair Stylist, a top make-up stylist, is located in Innes Salone in Austin, Texas, and Georgetown, Texas, at Tortoise Hair Salon. It accepts Mobile hair and appointments for weddings and special occasions only by appointment.

Ashleigh is a certified Babe Hair Extension proficient and an affluent Brazilian Blow Out expert. Before moving to Austin, TX, Ashleigh focused on cosmetology in Dallas and completed long-term beauty parlor training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with Toni and Guy Hair Salon, a reputable worldwide organization for cosmetology. Ashleigh is a certified Babe hair extension expert and a 100% Brazilian blowout expert.

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Hair Salon Services

  • Wedding Services and styling, Bride Hair styling and makeup services, Groom and Groom
  • Hairstyling, Bridal portraits, Wedding trial run, and Engagement portraits
  • Hair Blowout, Men’s Cut, Women’s Cut Blow Dry and Style, Kids’ Cut, Teen Cut, Hair Extensions.
  • Cover special events and non-bridal portraits
  • Others: Tattoo Cover, Ombre, Scalp Message, and Treatment
  • Blow Dry style and Brazillian Blowout
  • Color collection


6. Yolis Hair Salon Austin Tx

Address:  11600 Menchaca Rd Ste. E, Austin, TX 78748          Phone:  (512) 494-5560

Yoli’s Hair Salon is professionally staffed by dedicated experts who have expertise in various processes of synthetic treatments, including hair shading with gentle medicines and permanents. as well as trimming and styling hair with different techniques for all age groups. They also have expertise in hair growth applications that include feather enhancements. Every specialist in Yoli’s Hair Salon utilizes their inventiveness to inspire with trendy styles and up-dos and to compensate for unique events such as weddings.

Yolis Hair Salon in Austin, Texas, provides the best customer service and gives them essential information on the top fashion. Salon hairdressers can provide the finest hair styling services, hair extensions, hair styling, and hair coloring. The guide also provides tips on handling perms, tint foil services, and the placement of highlights. Fake eyelash application and facial treatments are offered in this salon, which is the top cosmetologist and has all the details about the skin.

Yolanda Rodriguiz is among the top hair stylists who provide the finest services for hair care, development, and fall solutions. She is a skilled hair colorist with more than fifteen years of experience within the field and is a testament to her work. She is dedicated to providing top-quality customer service to her clients and will continue to expand and grow her business.

Yoli’s Hair Salon also gives facial waxing and fake eyelash application. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed inside the salon’s ambiance. Highlights and coloring simultaneously care for hair, and Yoli’s hair salon is the ideal location. The color scheme in this salon is the best.

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Hair Salon Services:

  • Cut and styling, Hair Extensions services
  • Hair treatments and Scallop message
  • Hair coloring and Placement Highlights
  • TINT services, TONER, and PERMS
  • Foil service in the salon


7. Vain Salon Austin

Address: 1803 Chicon St, Austin, Tx         Phone:  (512) 494-5560

Vain Salon was Established in 2006. Vain Salon provides Professional hair styling and treatment, pampering services, and hair-related issue solutions. This Salon offers bleach blowouts, balayage ombre, blowout hair cutting, coloring, and hair styling. The Keratine treatment and color correction allow for professional and advanced customer consulting. This Salon is primarily for grown-ups and encourages customers to set up high-level meetings with particular administrations before arranging arrangements.

Vain features are based on satisfied customers who want their clients to look stunning. It is the most reliable source for hair treatment and problem solutions. This Salon offers specific facial treatments. According to Vain Salon, you should only go by yourself whenever you schedule an appointment, and kids aren’t permitted.

The Salon will not allow guests to join in. Vain Salon is available for online booking. Their services are easily accessible. All fashion-related activities are dependent on hair treatment as well as hair styling. The staff is friendly and welcoming and genuinely cares for their customers. The perfect option for a bridal party with a great haircut, a relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming environment, and it did not “break the bank.

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Vain Salon Services

  • Haircutting and styling, Hair coloring, Kids’ hair cut, Hair treatment, and roots treatment
  • Balayage ombre, Bleach in the roots
  • Karine treatment and Good hair treatment products
  • Color correction, Makeup
  • Scallop treatment and message


8. Mirror Mirror Salon in Austin

Address:  4410 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756          Phone:  (512) 420-8868

After putting in three straight years working in the fashion business, Martha Lynn Kale has concluded that an improved experience is what they want from their salon. She started Mirror Mirror in 2011 to advance fashion as his standard. The salon is a highly excellent workplace thanks to her hard work. She ensures clients look beautiful with high-quality makeup and feel more relaxed about their issues. The goal is to grow further in the field and create an impact with her salon. For those new to the industry, beginning with high-quality, clean products to make a better impression on the beauty industry is safe and appropriate.

The salon is immaculate and beautiful. They use a variety of stylish items for the clients and safe for the outside environment. The salon is an affiliate of Green Circle Salon, which is actively part of the fight to reduce the risk of waste and beauty and to reduce carbon emissions. It is a dedicated organization and a program for package services and other initiatives. The salon continues to play a significant part in lowering the salon’s environmental impact. Based on these characteristics, most people would like to visit this salon.

They have an excellent team to provide top-quality work to senior stylists, color and extension specialists, and new talent. They also get the order in for booking. Their staff is incredibly skilled and well-trained to find your ideal match and perform their job precisely and accurately. Best ideas and services available.

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  • Single-process color activities: Grey coverage, Base color, and Rootuchup
  • Hair cuts and styling: Women hair cuts, Men’s haircuts, and kids hair cut
  • Extensions services: Consultation, Installation, and Tightening
  • Blowout services: hours of a blowout, coloring iron, and 45 classic blowout


9. SHED Barer and Supply Hair Salon

Address:  2400 E Cesar Chavez St UNIT 312, Austin, TX          Phone:  +1 512-215-4270

Shed Barber is located in the Bouldon & Holly neighborhood. A Shed barbershop specializes in traditional and shortcut haircuts. It also developed due to its expert staff using conventional tools professionally and excellently. The Shed Barbershop is a traditional barbershop. This shop is a great place for socializing and professional ritual formation. Their trained experts can use a straight-edged razor with hot towels to achieve a compact, streamlined shape.

Because of this, people come back to their shop and appreciate the professional services. They say that those who have visited their shop at least once will return to see their professional service. They start with the best traditions, even at the golden location. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, they offer a 20% discount.

The Shed is for those who want to use lasers to achieve the best results on their hair traditionally. The quality of the services makes people come to this place—one of the best and most affordable barbershops in Austin. The shop and surrounding area have a fantastic atmosphere: the atmosphere and interior and exterior decoration. The staff, the conversation, and the proximity to cool spots were friendly and helpful.

Visit Website:

Highlights and Services

  • Hair cuts: The professional haircut with optional hot lat and straight laser service is available for neck shave.
  • Skin Fade: Faded hair cut based on the skin of the scalp to desired with hot leather and neck shave starts at $40.
  • Long haircut: A long haircut starts at $50 when the haircut starts at the base of the neck and chin
  • Beard Trim service: Beard is trimmed with a clip, giving the beard a perfect shape. Starting price is $20.


10. Sovey Salon Austin

Address:  2444 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704          Phone:  +1 512-519-9937

Sovay opened in January 2007 to create an intimate and relaxing salon environment where trained staff could hone their art freely to bring out each client’s full aesthetic potential. Their professionally trained team provides superior care in all hair care matters; his business concept involved selecting stylists with complementary talents for creating his ideal team of stylists. They specialize in hair extensions, treatments, aesthetic skin, eyelash extensions, and waxing services – just to name a few services provided here!

Professional Staff of this Salon. Their highly skilled professional staff works independently. New customers are warmly welcomed into the salon to take advantage of all their capabilities while providing excellent services that address their issues. The main objective of this salon is to unleash creativity to an extraordinary degree while offering outstanding facilities to every type of customer and creating an ideal environment where they can visit regularly and gain better access to services.

Visit Website:

Highlights and Services

  • Hair cutting, Hair treatment, Hair coloring, Hair extensions, and Hair styling services
  • Makeup services, Eyelash extensions,
  • Escalop message
  • Relaxer services


11. Swoon Salon in Austin

Address:  911 East Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX          Phone:  +1 512-362-8883

Swoon, one of Austin’s best hair salons, is a leader in hair styling and treatment for both men and women. This Salon offers Keratin treatments and relaxation for both men and women. This Salon has implemented features that are considered essential to help people run their hobby more efficiently. This notice must be accepted within 24 hours; otherwise, it is rejected. The heed is charged within 24 hours. Corrections are allowed within 24 hours after the initial service. Because of this, their services are always on time and very clean.

You must take these minutes to get the benefits as per their rules. You can get their services by making an appointment. An appointment is, therefore, significant. The haircut is always a disappointment with aggressive features. The owner and staff are friendly. They have meticulously documented every customer’s hair color history, and their salon software tracks appointments.

Visit Website:

Highlights and Services:

  • Hair services and colors like single process Double process
  • Partial highlights and Full highlights service
  • Balayage, haircut, hair color, Grooming Activities like Hair cuts and Blowouts
  • Glaze, toner, gloss
  • Relaxers, Keratin services, hair extensions, Cowlick neutralizing, Textures Perms

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