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Best Hair Salons in Brownsville | Top 10 Hair Salons

Best Hair Salons in Brownsville

The hair salon business is given a lot of importance in Brownsville. Some people from Brownsville are associated with the Hair Salon business. These people work at Hair Salon like modernity and coming time. They are the economic growth for Brownsville, which is why people tend to move there. In Brownsville, you can find all kinds of hair treatments, makeup, and fashion at major salons. The qualities can be judged by their services. Every salon in this city makes every possible effort to increase its quality and maintain the customers’ trust. Every salon plays an important role in giving possible good packages plays an important role in its high quality to keep customers trusting and coming back again.

Our main goal is to provide a new type of content for Brownsville that can easily describe all the objects and features of Hair Salons in Brownsville. We can provide information to find easily any hair salon objects you want to know about. In this article, you will find information and features about the best-experienced hair salons in Brownsville. We will be provided so that you will not spend much time choosing a particular hair salon because of these written criteria.

Brownsville is also notable for its high Hispanic proportion, 93.2%. It has the third highest proportion of Hispanic Americans outside of Puerto Rico, making it one of the best cities in the world that much importance is given. I am covering the list of best hair salons in Brownsville, sorting by the top 10 hair salons.


1. New Image Spa Beauty Salon

Address: Arch Plaza, 1393 E Alton Gloor Blvd Ste 9, Brownsville          Phone: 956-982-4455

New Image Spa Beauty Salon was established in 2009 in Brownsville, Texas. New Spa Beauty Salon is Brownsville’s newest locally owned and operated salon. It plays a major role in providing all kinds of information regarding hair and fashion. Whether it is hair loss or thinning hair, this salon’s professional and knowledgeable staff will always solve your every problem. All the staff members of this salon are skilled in hairdos, facials, waxing, color highlights, and makeup. The members of this salon are dedicated to providing the best hair care and services to their customers with an unparalleled experience.

Here you will find a good variety of hair extensions and eyebrow extensions. They have easy customer packages for hair coloring, styling, and makeup. Every customer can choose any package according to their pocket and can customize it as per their needs they want to be. They have outstanding and excellent products to strengthen the hair and make a face fresh because their best quality products and reliable work is reflected in their salons. Visit the Website for more details.

Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cuts, Hair highlights facilities, Hair extensions, hair fall treatment, kid’s hair cuts, and hair treatment and conditioning
  2. Blowout services, Keratin treatment facilities, makeup and hair styling
  3. Eyebrow extensions and Keratin treatment facilities
  4. Hair coloring, Waxing, Towing, Nightlife, and Bars services
  5. Message service, blow dry, and scallop message


2. New Concept Beauty Salon

Address: 3380 Ruben M Torres Blvd #106, Brownsville          Phone: 956-554-9734

New Concept Beauty Salon is one of Brownsville’s leading hair salons. This salon was established in 2010. This beauty salon’s specialty is working a lot on natural products. These are quality and natural products for hair growth and hair growth. It is designed for customers to use and get the most out of them. In this salon, professional members specialize in hair coloring, blowouts, hair treatments, and platinum hair designs. You’ll find people who play an important role in doing these things well. The trained staff of this salon use the skills you can see to make the people here what they are meant to be. Concept Beauty Salon wants to treat its customers well till the last moment and treat them well. Better affordable packages are available with online services available. Visit Facebook Page for further details and packages.

Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut, Hair trim, Beng trim, hair styling, kids hair cut, and coloring facilities
  2. Keratin treatment and Balayage treatment
  3. Color highlights, Waxing, and Makeup services
  4. Skilled makeup and tips


3. Constantino Salon

Address: 3101 Pablo Kisel Blvd suite a6, Brownsville          Phone:  956-371-7882

Constantino Salon is one of the best hair salons in the world. Constantino Salonsalon was established in 2010 in Brown Valley, Texas, to serve people with hair. Products are provided. This salon puts a lot of effort and emphasis on natural products and getting the best results So that the urgent problems of the people here can be solved better. Constantino Salon focuses on hair coloring, styling, and treatments. The salon has trained hairdressers who help people professionally achieve the best hair results; let’s take a look. Constantino Salon is famous for its natural products, which play an important role in hair and skin care. You will feel relaxed and peaceful if you come here for a scalp massage.

This salon uses their natural products in a highly trained environment to achieve the best results. Their trained staff of stylists plays an important role in working with each individual and uniquely shaping them, enhancing their personality, and adapting them according to the latest styles. Their Professional staff creates pleasure, confidence, and happiness in their customers so they can regain the confidence of the same results by visiting their salon. Professional staff experts in Hairdressers and stylers are available with online services. Visit Facebook Page for further details and packages.

Highlights and Services

  • Men’s haircut, women’s haircut, Kids’ haircut and styling
  • Hair styling, Hair highlights, Brazilian haircut services, and dressing
  • Bridal makeup services, Hair color services
  • Beng trim and Nail art services
  • Blow out and blow dry services.
  • Hair extensions and Eyebrow hair extensions


4. Melissa Michelle Salon

Address: 5 Avalon Dr, Brownsville          Phone: 956-621-3143

Melissa is a very attractive and trained hair specialist. She runs her salon very well with her skills. Melissa offers eyebrow, Balayage, Waxing, and various hair services. She takes great care in cutting and coloring hair to win customers’ trust. Her salon offers eyebrow extensions, fine hair extensions, and keratin treatments. This salon focuses on natural products for hair treatment. The latest types of haircuts are used. In addition, the latest fashion technology is used. This is why she has been instrumental in restoring the confidence of her salon among the people. The salon will provide you with all the nail art and makeup facilities.
Its professional staff is the best in nail art. The best qualities of products and professionalism are ultimately used in these salons. The staff greets the customers well and is happy to provide Melissa’s best services. When you leave the salon, you feel confident and happy. Hair cut and Stylist staff, especially in hair coloring and haircutting, are available with random packages in this salon. Visit Facebook Page for further details and packages.

Highlights and Services

  • Hair cuts Services of all kinds.
  • Hair highlights facilities, extensions, and Haircuts of curtain bangs and layers.
  • Eyebrow extensions, Hair treatment, and conditioning
  • Makeup and hair styling
  • Keratin treatment facilities, Color treatment, and Colors cloning


5. Petalos for Hair

Address: 1601 E Alton Gloor Blvd Suite 104, Brownsville          Phone:  +1 956-546-6376

Petalos for Hair is one of the best salons in Brownville. The salon has a nice staff with a positive attitude, professionalism, cleanliness, punctuality standards, and customer value. A team is ready at all times. The whole experience for the people at this salon is exceptional. One of their customers, Jan god john, says, I have been in Winter Texas for four years and finally found the right stylist for Hair. He says that I have had bad experiences with haircuts in some places. But I feel very lucky now because I had an experience at Petalos Hair Salon. It was great to be associated with the hairstyles and the professional team.

I enjoyed their work and returned happily after styling my Hair. This salon has great customer service and is very welcoming. They are prepared and delivered accordingly. This is why customers come back every time they pass through their salon. This is because of their experienced staff and excellent welcome friendly environment and opening their doors wide open to customers. Hair coloring and hair styling are among their core services. In these salons, customers are given very high packages to get full services using these packages. Online booking services from a phone call or visiting Website’s Facebook Page for further details and packages

Highlights and Services

  1. Haircutting, hairstyling, Hair highlights, and Hair fall treatment
  2. Kid’s haircut and styling
  3. Hair Color, Balayage services, Keratin treatment, and Scallop treatment
  4. Bridal makeup services like manicures and pedicures
  5. Facial services for women and kids as well.


6. Le’Bliss Hair And Beauty Salon

Address: 1625 W Price Rd # B1, Brownsville          Phone:  956-407-0099

LE’BLISS HAIR AND BEAUTY is an excellent salon in terms of quality. This salon offers prom hair styling and cutting in the best way. The staff of this salon is highly trained and has the latest training. The staff is highly trained whenever there is a trend to teach a new fashion or haircut. The atmosphere at this salon is very sweet, helpful, and welcoming. Stephanie is the owner of this salon, which has many features. She conveys a very confident and kind attitude to her customers, which shines through in her work. She instills a certain style of confidence and stability in every customer who walks into the salon. So that he can test his confidence in the best way using these methods and understand his appearance and fashion matters better.
This is the reason that every customer who comes here brings with him a new change and trend. And he keeps trying to come back with a new hope. She is the best woman who is kind and professional. His salon is also very frugal in terms of prices, even though their prices are three times less than all other salons, which is why every customer who comes here ensures that These people give very good tips and deserve praise from customers. Online booking services are available through phone calls.

Highlights and Services

  • Hair Color highlighting service
  • Kids’ hair cut, Men and women’s haircuts,s and styling
  • Special hair fall treatment services
  • Hair extensions, Full hair highlights services
  • Makeup services, Eyebrow extensions, and Skin tone facial services


7. Rebecca’s Exclusive Hair Salon

Address: 2031 E Price Rd, Brownsville          Phone:  +1 956-550-8895

Rebecca Exclusive Hair Salon is one of the famous salons in Brownsville. Rebecca named this salon after choosing her name. The salon continues to grow because of her work. Rebecca is a very well-trained and nice lady. Rebecca is very professional and has a good attitude towards customers. Her salon offers all the exclusive services like haircuts, hair coloring, hair treatments, scalps massages, best hair extensions, and eyebrow extensions are available. Rebecca personally welcomes all customers who come to her salon and serves them with the latest services from her professional staff. She trusts and takes pride in Rebecca’s Hair Treatment and comes to repeat her work.
She treats her clients with various natural hair remedies. Her clients benefit greatly by following her natural product remedies. Waxing facilities are also available in its salon. It manufactures waxing products containing natural ingredients for customers and provides waxing treatment services through these waxing products.

Highlights and Services

  1. Professional haircut services for men, women, and kids, as well
  2. Blowout service, Blowdry hair services, and Waxing facilities
  3. Makeup and hair styling, as well as Brazilian hair styling and haircut
  4. Hair fall treatment, Hair extensions, and Full hair highlighting
  5. Asian styling and cut
  6. Natural ingridionce remidiese
  7. Scallop message


8. Backstage Hair & Makeup

Address: 450 E Alton Gloor Blvd Ste 2, Brownsville          Phone: 956-435-2599

Backstage Hair and Makeup Salon is one of Brownsville’s most well-known and trained salons. This salon offers all types of hair and makeup services. This salon manufactures the best hair products and caters to customers according to the latest fashion trends. The owner of this salon is Musa. He has developed the salon with the best practices and trained staff. , Bang Trim, Hair Color Ring, Brazilian Hair Straightening, Waxing, Keratin Treatment, Hair Extensions, and Hair Highlighting services are available.

Highlights and Services

  1. Bang trim services
  2. Hair color selection services, Curly Hair services, Blow dry services, and Hair fall treatment
  3. Brazilian Hair Straightening services
  4. Hair Extensions, Hair highlighting facilities, Keratin treatment services, and Hairstyling
  5. Hair fall treatment
  6. Skin Facial massage and Coloring Extensions services
  7. Asian Hair services


9. After Blow Dry Bar Salon

Address: 3341 Pablo Kisel Blvd Ste P, Brownsville          Phone: 956-551-6204

After Blow Dry Bar is a very professional salon in terms of work, its owner is Melissa. Melissa adheres to professional and trained principles in hair work and all makeup services. Visitors to this salon. All customers love Melissa’s work. Mizpah Ross is a customer who says Melissa is my daughter’s best professional stylist, and she did an amazing job on my daughter’s hair. My daughter’s hair is very thick, long, and curly. No one has ever straightened her hair so well and dried it so quickly. Nor has anyone colored her hair so well, cut and banged beautifully. Brought forward. Melissa is very professional and skilled in her work, performing all these services for my daughter. I am ready to come again for my daughter’s hair because of the work in her salon.
Gabby Maldonado is also a customer who is very impressed with her. She says my daughter’s hair was cut just how she liked it. It was my daughter’s first time with Melissa. But Melissa did a great job. We will be returning for these services in the future. She also has a professional team at her salon who work with her very well. Melissa’s team is open to every customer welcome and provides excellent service while sitting in a comfortable chair. This is the reason why her blow dryer in Barcelona is growing day by day.

Highlights and Services

  1. Haircuts, Hair styling Facilities, and Fashion hair extensions are available.
  2. Choice coloring service, Coloring extensions, and Curly extensions
  3. Blow out service, Blow dry Bar services
  4. Makeup, Skin facial, Keratin, and Balayage treatment
  5. Scallop message services
  6. Eyebrow Fashion extensions


10. Cheers Hair Studio

Address: 1473 E Alton Gloor Blvd # A, Brownsville          Phone: 956-554-9912

Cheer’s Hair Studio has special importance in the fashion line with the best modern facilities. In terms of fashion, hair, makeup, hair extensions, eyebrow extensions, and all fashion facilities are available in the studio. Goes on. Ofelia is the professional owner and best member of this salon. She runs the salon with her professional and trained style, keeping the very best principles in mind. Cheers Her Studio has certain rules that every customer must follow. Among these rules is cleanliness, which is taken into account in a very special way. Every customer visiting this salon is specially instructed to take care of the mask. Ofelia and her professional team specialize in long hair services. Ophelia gives long hair a perfect cut and dries it in a very short time. But they are experts and do a lot of work on long hair.

They are very professional and high quality in this salon. Hair extensions and eyebrow extensions are available. Waxing facilities are also available. One of Ophelia’s best customers, Bertha Cruz, says, “I am 70 years old and I don’t have as much hair as I did in my childhood and youth.” But Ofelia gave my short hair a great cut that made my hair look longer and made a huge difference. I’m very impressed and happy with her work. Strongly recommend her next time too. They cut my hair like that. 

Highlights and Services

  1. Professional Hair Cut for men and kids
  2. Blowout, Balayage, and Hair bang service
  3. Blowdry services
  4. Makeup facilities, Hair, and Eyebrow extensions
  5. Long Hair drying and color services