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Best Hair Salons Frisco, Tx | Top 10 Hair Salons

Best Hair Salons in Frisco

Hair salons are widely developed in the USA, especially in Frisco, Texas. According to, Texas generated almost 2000 million dollars in revenue in 2022 by the Texas state of USA. The hair salon business is growing daily and will generate nearly 2500 million USD in 2024. Hair Salon Guider is loudly generating information about hair salons and providing stats and figures on hair salons in Frisco. In this article, I will describe a detailed guide about the best hair salons in Frisco, Tx.

With this list’s help, you will find the best hair salons for your best hair cutting and beauty. A lot of hair artists are providing their service in Frisco city. In my case and personal opinion, Nikki | Lay Atelier and Studio M Beauty Bar are Best Hair Salons Frisco on Google Business Profile and got almost 5/5 ratings from their customers. The list of Top 10 hair salons in Frisco, are follows and let me suggest you which one is best for you according to your point of view.


1. Nikki | Lay Atelier

Address: 6363 Dallas Pkwy STE 104, Frisco          Phone: 469-630-6363

Nikki | Le Atelier has been playing an important role in serving Fresco in terms of its fashion excellence. The team working at this salon explores different methods and techniques to improve their skills through education and training. The owner of this salon is dedicated to taking customer service to the highest level and maintaining the highest level of service. That’s why the owners are looking for a team of highly skilled stylists who are passionate about growing their profession in a luxurious open-concept space. Their mission is to empower independent stylists and their clients. To take the high-quality services to a very high level and provide a high place with premier products so that they can also do good and quality work and the team members working here also their profession and their work.

Get an opportunity to grow your hair. This salon offers keratin treatments, extensions, Brazilian blowouts, color specialists, ombre, and ha Services like e-lights, balayage, blow-dry, in-hair men’s scat, wedding events, and even a variety of cutting-edge products are also available. I play a very effective role. That’s why the local people here have excellent knowledge about this salon and make their services possible by coming here. The main features of this salon are teamwork positive attitude. Cleanliness and professional work Punctuality Quality and value magical services are the focus for locals.


  • Online booking services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Professional staff
  • Parking facilities

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Men’s Haircut, Women’s Haircut, and Kids’ Haircut
  2. Hair Treatment: Shampoo and Blow Dry, Balayage Treatment, Keratin Treatment, and Brazilian Blowout Services
  3. Hair Coloring Services: Base Color, Partial Highlights, and Root Color Services
  4. Additional Services: High-Quality Hair Extensions, Blow Dry Facilities, and Essential Oil Scrub Services


2. Studio M Beauty Bar

Address: 279 Main St #106, Frisco          Phone: 214-407-8240

Studio M Beauty Bar is a large and charming salon in Frisco, Texas. The salon is run by two sisters who are very experienced and professional. It is their first experience in this salon is very quality and reliable as they have won the trust of the local people very well. The products in their salon are professional. This salon is a fashion-forward salon catering to all the fashion needs of the growing local population of Texas. The main objective of this salon is to cater to multi-textured customers in a comfortable and unparalleled environment by offering unequaled services and high-quality products at reasonable prices and a full range of merchandise the range is kept in mind. This year their excellent environment extends much better to the overall character of their business. For online booking please visit official website

The salon aims to continue to nurture a supportive and fair work environment that is diverse to better reward creativity and dedication to hard work and raise their standards to add value to the salon. The stylists working in this salon take the best approach to meet the fashion needs in a better way to benefit the company’s customers and themselves. The salon caters to a diverse group of women. and offers a wide range of hair styling services and professional products in a refined manner. All of this takes place in a very relaxed business environment.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Special hand care facilities
  • Highly Professional and recommended staff
  • Good Parking services outside the building.

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Men’s Haircuts, Women’s Haircuts, and Kids’ Haircut
  2. Hair Treatment: Partial Hair Highlights, Hair Conditioning Services, and Scalp Massage Services
  3. Makeup & Wedding: Special Hands Care Services, Event Services, and Special Events Cover the Facility
  4. Hair Styling Services: Blow Out and Blow Dry


3. Von Anthony Salon

Address: 7004 Lebanon Rd #102, Frisco          Phone: 972-731-7600

Van Anthony Salon is providing the best professional work for locals in Frisco, Texas. Salon owners Carrie and Amy Holland have created a beautiful canvas for locals to achieve their dream hairstyles in the best possible way. Carrie wanted a beautiful and charming salon that would be different from everyone else’s salons and better perform quality and professional work to meet their customer service level. Opted for a better and more elegant space. Kerry designed the salon in a very elegant way which has become a favorite of both clients and stylists. Her salon is staffed by a professional and experienced team including Amy. We can describe you as an optimistic and empathetic stylist who truly has the best passion for business. She has been honed by imparting the best skills and talents to the industry by training with top leaders. She has spent 13 years in the United States.

Conducted seminars and classes while traveling across the United States to share his knowledge of art with others Better share with stylists and benefit people by giving yourself incredible training. That’s why her salon is home to a team of real Amy-trained colorists, great stylists, and great work. It has received several awards from Regus Car Corporation for its service and professionalism, as well as being honored as the National Rest of the Year by Arden Elizabeth. Local people get many professional and advanced fashion treatments in this salon. For booking please visit official website


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Online booking services
  • Parking facilities
  • Wheelchair Assess

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting: Women’s Haircut and Style, Men’s Haircut, Kid’s Haircut, Bang and Neck Trim Treatment
  2. Hair Cleaning Services: Hair Bath and Conditioning Blow Dry
  3. Hair Treatment: Luxury Hair Treatment, Keratin Treatment, Permanent Waves, and Relaxers
  4. Hair Styling Services: Hair Extensions and Fast Finish
  5. Hair Coloring: Highlights Services, Balayage: Partial and Full, and Special Face Framing Balayage


4. Salon Di Lusso

Address: 3411 Preston Rd #2, Frisco          Phone: 214-618-5510

Salon De Luso has the most professional hair stylists available. This salon is playing a major role in providing better services to the local people in Frisco. The main objective of this salon is to train its team in such a way that every visitor The customer should be what they want to be with their service. They groom each customer’s hair with accessories that completely transform and enhance the lifestyle of that customer’s personality.

Their main focus is on hair care and hair extensions with natural products. Apart from this, this salon also offers the best facial treatments, best hair extensions, and eye extensions. Services of this salon In-home appointments may also be available but you will need to make a booking for this. The salon’s expert stylists offer salon-like facilities to offer the best salon services right at your home.


  • Online booking is available
  • Credit Card accepted
  • Car Parking and Bike Parking
  • Special professional Staff

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair cuts style, Hair designs, Personalizes hair treatment and Styles
  2. Hair Professional Estentions
  3. Keratin treatment services
  4. Hair Color services and Blow out in Frisco


5. Maryam Salon Frisco

Address: 4280 Main St suite 350, Frisco          Phone: 469-388-1614

Maryam Salon is a prominent and experienced salon in Frisco. Maryam Salon’s main objective is to make the customers satisfied and happy. The excellent team of this salon strives hard to bring out the individuality of the customer. A comment is left to help the customer improve, making their work more enjoyable and more enjoyable. Such services are amazing. One of their customers says I did an amazing job with my daughter’s hair. They booked both of their hair for 2x within two weeks, in the first booking they gave my daughters an amazing fresh cut, and in the second booking, they got them ready for a photo shoot. The modeling agency loved their work.

The professional stylists of this salon provide the best space and chair for your hair highlights, coloring, styling, etc. I have been using Maryam for my hair highlights for a long time now my husband has moved to Frisco. Have been a regular customer for my haircut before. This is the reason why I like their work so much. According to this salon, customer satisfaction is the main goal. They work hard to professionally run a good business and give the best service to the client. In this industry Twenty-three years of work reflects his past work experiences.


  • Credit Card accepted
  • Online booking services
  • Good professional staff
  • Car parking and Bike barking

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Styling and Cutting: Women’s Haircut and Styling, Men’s Haircut Facilities, and Kids’ Haircut and Styling
  2. Hair Treatments: Hair Highlights, Hair Toner and Trimming, Hair Wash and Hair Fall Treatment, Blow Dry, and Keratin Treatment
  3. Facial Treatments: Basic Facial Treatment and Advanced Facial Treatment
  4. Hair Removal Services: Facial Waxing and Threading
  5. Makeup Services: Regular Makeup, Bridal Makeup, and Event or Special Occasion Makeup


6. City Salon Suites & Spa

Address: 10050 Legacy Dr #100, Frisco          Phone: 972-383-9787

City Salon Suites & Spa is a collection of independent beauty tips and fashion professionals leading the way in Frisco. The owner of this salon is Chet. He opened this salon in 2016 in Frisco 3rd place with the best exposure and best stylist team has led to an excellent location and an experienced status in Frisco. These salons offer complete and superior service to discerning clients with experienced creatives. Offering the best in cuts, color, extensions, hairdressing, nail care, eyelash extensions, brow shaping, medical aesthetics, and more. Chet is an excellent stylist and experienced professional. He has worked professionally and with integrity in the community as a hairstylist and business owner for over thirty years. Get appointment for the visiting their website:

After that experience, he wanted to make his salon a place where he could put his skills to the best of his ability. He spent 19 years as a fashion artist before his work in Bekah. After that, he designed his salon in a unique style, including custom furniture and salon items with unique art. He bought a chandelier and expanded the beauty salon. He felt very happy at that time when he sees his stylists growing with success and seeing customers coming in and enjoying the atmosphere they create.


  • Online booking services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • HD TV services suites
  • Plenty of good parking for access Building
  • The security system is out and in good
  • An air purification system is good

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Skin Care Services: Facials, Vajacials Services, Waxing Services, and Chemical Peels Services
  2. Eye Care Services: Lash Extensions and Microblading Services
  3. Makeup and Beauty Services: Best Makeup Artists and Permanent Marker Services
  4. Wellness and Special Services: Prenatal Services, Message in Scallop, Nails, and Special Pedi Services
  5. Hair Care and Barber Services


7. Modern LUXE Salon


Address: 1279 Legacy Dr Suite 120, Frisco          Phone: 214-618-0062

Modern Luxe Salon is providing high-quality services in Frisco with a luxurious and comfortable environment in a professional effort to provide quality service. The building of this salon is very simple and attractive. It is to present that every time a customer enters the salon, they feel beautiful and attractive every moment. Whenever a customer returns from their services, they look attractive and eager to come again. The attractive team of this salon is professional. and experienced talent.

Haven is a modern professional stylist who is passionate about the details of the salon. She graduated top-of-class at Tony & Guy in all specialties of color and extensions. She is a modern stylist. Also, She took permission from the owner to work in a modern luxe salon and has updated her skills to the best of her ability with modern techniques and experiences and has made her clients much more up-to-date and continues to be the best.

All customers who come to this salon are very impressed with her experience and her work. And once the work is done, it’s better to come back again. The salon offers all kinds of fashion, beauty, and hair-related services to customers with modern and professional procedures.


  • Waiting room services
  • Good place with and fresh atmosphere
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Online booking Facility

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair treatment, Hair extensions, Hair cuts, and styling
  2. Makeup & Facial treatment and Message
  3. Sunless tanning services
  4. Blow Dry & Blow out
  5. Hand Tied Halo Extensions
  6. Color and Highlights


8. Hai Society Salon

Address: 11477 Custer Rd Suite 104, Frisco          Phone: 833-456-8347

Hai Society Salon is a professional delivery shop striving to provide the best in all its fashion-related services for the local people. They are very passionate and visible about providing services to their customers. Staff enjoy meeting all the men, women, and children who come and take great pleasure in providing services to them because according to them all these customers make a beautiful community for them. From haircuts to corrective color to hair extensions, anti-breakage, and hair treatments, there are all kinds of specialties and products. Visiting the salon will make you feel very attractive and excited because they have the latest trends. Some techniques enhance the ability to please a discerning customer.

Their products are very useful for hair growth and healthy hair. There is a good range of pass-com packages with amenities such as facial treatments and scalp massages. The present team provides a very quiet and visible chair for every customer who comes, on which the customer feels very comfortable and relaxed.


  • Online booking Available
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Parking facility

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Coloring: Hair Coloring and Lightning, Root Touch Color, Balayage, Ombre Services, Low Lights, Baby Lights Services
  2. Hair Treatment: Hair Fall Treatment, Hair Extensions, and Perms Services
  3. Spa and Special Products: Japanese Head Spa Services and Special Hair Products
  4. Beauty and Make-up Services: Make-up Facility and Eyebrow Shaping
  5. Haircut and Styling Services for Women and Kids


9. Swish Salon in Frisco

Address: 8765 Stockard Dr STE 804, Frisco          Phone: 972-292-8127

Established in 2015, Swiss Salon is a very charming and elegant boutique salon in Frisco and centrally located in Stonebriar, Frisco. The salon offers a unique professional experience in a place that is a tranquil environment for customers. And a collection of professional services. One of their unique features is that they get all the details of any customer in a better way. So that they can be provided with professional and best services given these details. They have There is a beautiful and professional team of skilled hair stylists with modern color, modern hair techniques, and an understanding of hair, which makes one proud to follow the current trends and quality of the best modern colors and styles. skills to maintain. For haircut and treatment booking available:

These same talented people are instrumental in enhancing the beauty of the salon and enhancing its experiences. Carey, who became the owner of this team by accident, wanted other stylists. How to better serve customers collaboratively and gain a community experience She has dedicated her services to others and built her team in a better way. Her team is supportive and well-experienced. The industry is very supportive of growing the industry. People here appreciate their work and get their services from them more and more.


  • Associate training program
  • Educational training services
  • Online booking services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • In-house fashion training
  • Retail Competition Bonus service for team and customers

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting and Styling Services: Hair cuts and Blow dry, Special occasional Blow dry Facility, Formal style, and Bridal Style services
  2. Hair Treatment Services: Color treatment and correction, Olaplex Treatment, Redken ABC treatment, and Redken Heat cut services
  3. Hair Highlighting Services: Highlights services, Face from highlights services, and Balayage services
  4. Gloss and Glazz services
  5. Dimensions Light services


10. Salon Z, Frisco

Address: 8837 Lebanon Rd Suite 500 B, Frisco          Phone: 214-733-7858

Salon Z was established in 2000 in Frisco, Texas. This salon in Frisco Texas strives to provide the best in providing all types of hair services professionally. Mastering and beautifying their best personal image through enhanced grooming and education. The professional team at this salon is dedicated, committed, and enthusiastic to work for customers every day of the week. The beauty of this salon is that when it comes to beauty, the entire team at the salon has the same goal that simplicity is the essence. Adapting to their personality to create a rich and attractive look. She knows all the latest techniques related to hair. She can unlock the essence of hair creativity to a reality that styles the hair and scalp. Can give a new look with the best products. They have the best products for hair care and hair care The best treatments are available.

Each stylist in this salon goes through a training program while working with clients. As a result, the stylists at this salon are proficient in providing advanced techniques and professional services. Training categories of these stylists Going through and getting the best training for a certain period makes their work very beautiful and fascinating. All this effort is the glory of the salon, which creates the trust of the local people to increase its value.


  • PMU training
  • Online Booking services
  • Parking Facility
  • Collective teamwork

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting and Styling Services: Cut services, Styling services, Redken Heat cut, and Blow Dry services
  2. Hair Treatment Services: Professional human-based Extension, Hair treatment, and Hair Conditioning services
  3. Cosmetic Services: Permanent Cosmetics, Makeup services, and Eyelash Extensions
  4. Medical Micro Pigmentation services
  5. Scallop Massage



With the help of this article and the list, you will be able to choose best hair salons in Frisco, Tx.  This list is best option for those visitor, who want to get information and guide about top Farisco’s best hair salons ever, according to rating. Feel free to contact us if you need more help or suggestion. You can filter out the best salons according to their ratings, amenities, location, and services the are providing.