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8 Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite, Tx

Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite, Tx

Are you wondering about searching for Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite Tx. That’s great news for you. This article will help you to find a quality hair salon for you without breaking the bank. Mesquite, Texas, is a magnificent and charming city in Texas. Hair salons in this Texas city have particular importance as they offer professional hair styling services for men and women. Professional hairstyling and hair texturing, hair coloring, scalp treatments, and formal styling are all undergoing significant changes in the city in 2022 and 2023.

Looking at the hair salon industry revenue calculation in 2022, the market size of the hair salon industry is USD 51.6 billion (IBIS World). However, in 2023, the market size of the hair salon industry has decreased by 0.5%. You will see excellent information about the features of some low-cost hair salons that can help you choose Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite, Tx.


1. Girl Talk Salon & Spa Inc

Address: 427 N Town E Blvd # 103, Mesquite, TX          Phone: +1 972-226-5994

Girl Talk Salon & Spa Inc which is best hair salon at low cost

Girl Talk Salon and Spa Dallas Fort Worth is the best hair care salon in Mesquite, just a few miles from downtown, and offers a variety of cuts. Talk Salon & Spa is one of the famous salons in Mesquite where people come to improve their Hair. This salon has talented and experienced artists who treat every customer well.

First of all, when customers enter the salon, they are given the best welcome. Thus, every visiting customer is impressed by their welcome. In this salon, damaged Hair is straightened so beautifully. It is said that the customers are happy. Every artist in this salon is full of skills, and they show their art beautifully for everyone to see. Khawai Bonner has such a wealth of knowledge that she knows how to make everyone happy with this treasure. She is a skilled artist who has served in the salon for four years. She knows how to cut Hair and dyes all types of Hair.

Due to such expert artists, the salon is touching the sky. Girl Talk Salon and Spa saves customers from hair tangles. Hair color change and many other problems. This salon saves the customers from all these problems and protects the Hair of the customers. There are many skilled artists in this salon.

They are performing their services. Among them are Rochelle Mitchell, Topazia Gabriel, Hawaii Bonner, and many more skilled artists. Topazine is very popular in the salon; she can straighten, curl, and protect natural Hair. Every artist here. They have their popularity.



  • Color Diversion:
    • Semi-Permanent (Retouch) – $100
    • Semi-Permanent (Root to Ends) – $110
    • Foil Hi-Cites Partial – $160
    • Full Foil Hi-Cites – $200
    • Trendy Application Techniques – $220
  • Conditioning:
    • STOP BREAKAGE (Protein Plus) TREATMENT – $40
    • Dry & Itchy (Rosemary Steam) Treatment – $35
    • Moisture (Steam) Treatment – $30
    • Hot Girl (Steam) Treatment – $30
  • Natural Hair:
    • Shampoo Natural Hair – $80
    • Shampoo Natural Long Hair – $90
    • Comb Twist – $65
    • Loc Retwist – $80
    • Two Strand Twist – $75
    • Loc Style – $20
  • Relaxer:
    • Total Relaxer System – $180
    • Relaxer – Retouch – $95
    • Relaxer Retouch plus Semi Color – $135
    • Relaxer – Retouch (Long Hair) – $110
    • Relaxer – Virgin – $130
    • Relaxer – Partial – $75
  • Curl System:
    • Curl System – $135
    • Curl System Long – $150
  • Extensions:
    • Extensions bonded – $110
    • Quick weave – $140
    • Extensions Sew-in – $240
    • Closure Sew in – $245
    • Frontal Sew in – $285
    • Extensions-Full Microlinks – $400
    • Extensions Partial- Microlinks – $250
  • Braids:
    • Cornrows (w/Natural Hair) – $75
    • Braids w/ Extensions 2 Layer – $150
    • Box Braids – $180
    • Box Braids 26 inch – $200
    • Crochets – $155
    • Feed ins – $160
    • Soft locs – $200
    • Butterfly Locs – $250
  • Makeup:
    • Glamour Beat – $65
    • Soft Glam – $50

The prices are subject to ups and down. It is always best to call the salon to confirm the prices before making an appointment.


2. Supercuts Salon Mesquite, Tx

Address: 3522 Gus Thomasson Rd, Mesquite, Tx          Phone: +1 972-681-8195

Supercuts Salon Mesquite, Tx are the best one in this city
Source: Supercuts

Supercut Salon is located near Gus Thomasson in the nearby town of Mesquite, TX. This salon has gained a lot of reach and has become very standard. If customers want to care for their Hair, they first review Supercut. This salon is popular in Mesquite, TX. Every customer who comes to this salon for a haircut is first welcomed to the supercut salon.

Every customer’s Hair is cut in this salon, whether a man, woman, or a child. They are slaughtered in a standardized way according to their wishes. The most memorable thing about the salon is that the appointments of this salon are speedy, which makes all the customers happy and satisfied. All the artists in the Supercut salon are talented, and they are responsible for fulfilling their work. In this salon, Hair is cut and colored in different ways and designs. That is why this salon has gained popularity in Mesquite, TX.



  1. Grey Blending
  2. Supercut I, Supercut II, and Supercut III or men, women, and children
  3. Bang Trim and Blow Dry
  4. Sugar Shine Treatment
  5. Flat Iron/ Curl
  6. Waxing


3. Modern Image Barber & Stylist

Address: 3501 Towne Crossing Blvd Ste 215, Mesquite, TX          Phone: +1 469-360-0205

Modern Image Barber & Stylist

Modern Barber Shop Salon offers excellent services in Mesquite, Texas. This saloon serves a family-oriented best with comfort and modern features. The salon also has a traditional look that offers straight razor shave services.

The team at the salon is trained in fashion and haircuts, as well as advanced education for Hair.

That is the reason why every member of the staff here plays an essential role in providing quality and excellent service. This salon maintains a professional, clean, and friendly demeanor with customers. Every customer who comes here can be assured of quality work and customized confidence. This salon has reasonable prices and affordable packages, which is why people here are very impressed with this salon.



  1. Haircut: $35 (for adults), $25 (for kids)
  2. Fade cut: $40 (for adults), $30 (for kids)
  3. Beard trim: $20 / Beard conditioning: $15
  4. Eyebrow trimming: $10 / Razor cut: $45
  5. Shampoo & conditioning: $15
  6. Hair shape up: $25
  7. Cornrows: $50 / Braids: $60

The prices are subject to ups and down. It is always best to call the salon to confirm the prices before making an appointment.


4. Great Clips Mesquite, Tx

Address: 701 E Cartwright Rd # 113, Mesquite, Tx          Phone: +1 972-288-2631

Great Clips Mesquite, Tx
Source: Great Clips

Great Clips is Mesquite’s best and most experienced salon, offering affordable haircuts for men, women, and children. The Salon offers cutting-edge hair-cutting techniques for men, women, and children. The salon has the best hair care and treatment staff to provide professional hair care and hair care services.

Great Clips offers a wide range of services at affordable packages for customers. These include services such as haircuts, beard trimming, bang trims, and hair shampoo and conditioner.

In this salon, the customer is not made to wait long and is not offered packages at a considerable price. This salon lives up to the standards of people and their services. Great Clip’s customer welcome style is beautiful and excellent, based on which more and more people avail their services.



  1. Haircuts for men, women, kids, and seniors
  2. Hair Styling like short style, long style, and formal style
  3. Hair services include neck trim, beard trim, and bang trim
  4. Hair shampoo
  5. Hair coloring for all genders


5. Grand Master Cutz Barber Shop

Address: 2033 Military Pkwy #103a, Mesquite, Tx           Phone: +1 469-206-0649

Master Kutz is the best for men and kids
Source: Master Kutz

Grandmaster Barber Shi Yah Israel started Grandmaster Cuts Salon in 2002. This salon is located near the University of Texas at Richardson. This salon offers its customers beautiful and eye-catching new and unique fades and haircut styles. Grand Master’s welcoming atmosphere, high standards, and experienced artists are commendable. This salon offers excellent and sustainable services to the customers as per their guidelines and standards. Apart from razor cut,

shave, fade cut, long haircut, hair shape up, military haircut, and beard trim, there are many services to list. This salon provides ATM, Cash App, and credit card services for the convenience of its customers.

Website: Master Kutz


  1. Haircuts for men and kids for all types of hair, from short to long, with a fade or other style.
  2. Beard trim according to your desired length and style.
  3. The precise type of haircut is often used for longer hair with scissors.
  4. Haircut that gradually blends the hair from short to long.
  5. Edge up: This is a small trim around the edges of your hair, such as your hairline and sideburns.
  6. Eyebrow trim to make a look neat.
  7. Also offers various other services, such as beard shaping, hair styling, and hot towel shaves.


6. Revelations Image Salon

Address: 4444 Gus Thomasson Rd, Mesquite, Tx           Phone: +1 214-543-7238

Revelations Image Salon is Affordable Hair Salonin Mesquite, Tx
Source: Google

Revelation Image Salon has been in business for over ten years in Mesquite, Texas. Yolanda is the owner as well as the manager of this salon establishment. She is a woman with a tremendous and friendly nature. She has expertise and experience in her craft. Revelation Image Salon aims to provide its customers with durable and suitable quality products so that customers can benefit from this salon’s services. And keep the desire to come here in the future.

Revelation Image Salon strives to provide innovative and exceptional services to its customers. This salon is notable for its excellent work and superior customer service. This salon joined various fashion shows in Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles to make a mark in the fashion industry. Visiting this salon for your haircuts, nails, art, and trendy designs will be your best decision.



  1. Haircut for men, women, and children at $45 for natural hair, $60 for relaxed hair
  2. Braiding Starting at $100 / Twisting Starting at $100
  3. Locs Starting at $150 / Weave Starting at $200
  4. Relaxer at $100
  5. Color Starting at $50 / Deep conditioning at $30 / Scalp treatment $45
  6. Hair styling starting at $50
  7. Image consulting $75 per hour

The prices are subject to ups and down. It is always best to call the salon to confirm the prices before making an appointment.


7. Salon U-Me

Address1830 Range Dr #109, Mesquite, Tx            Phone: +1 469-291-7155

Salon U-Me (Threading , Waxing and Hair care) Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite, Tx
Source: Salon U-Me

Salon U.Me has been in business in Mesquite, Texas, for over five years. That is a professional and reliable salon. This salon’s artists are professional, experienced, and skilled in creating trendy styles. Customers enjoy the services of

this salon. And create your unique styles as per your wish. This salon provides its clients with a comfortable, clean environment, durable products, and intelligent packages at

meager prices so that the customers can make themselves the best in their future with this salon’s services. This salon’s services include threading, waxing, and hair care with modern designs.

Website: Facebook Page


  1. Threading for face starting at $5 to up
  2. Waxing for body parts starting $7 to up
  3. Facial: Starting at $35
  4. Hair cutting & styling starting at $35
  5. Brazilian blowoutstaring at $150+
  6. Hot oil massage treatment: $25+
  7. Hair blowout: $25+
  8. Keratin treatment: $175 to up
  9. Deep conditioner treatment: $25+


8. Look, family hair salon Mesquite, Tx

Address: 427 N Town E Blvd ste 106, Mesquite, Tx             Phone: +1 972-602-5811

Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite, Tx
Source: Google

Family Hair Salon offers Hair and fashion services in Mesquite, Texas, based on family specialties. This salon also offers outstanding services for children and men. The team at this salon is always ready to serve the customers. Look Family Hair Salon offers hair coloring, extensions, the best haircuts, hair styling, highlights, eyebrow control wax, and various hair designs. The salon has a customer-friendly atmosphere, excellent reception, and hair color highlights based on the expertise of their team. This salon offers affordable packages for people.

Due to the reasonable packages of this salon, people mostly take services from them and do not hesitate to take the salon’s services again and again. This salon is trendy among people due to its features and reasonable prices.

Website: FaceBook Page


  1. Haircut for men, women, and kids $15-$35
  2. Hair Highlights: $50+
  3. Manicure & Pedicure staring from $25
  4. Hair styling & Hair coloring starting from $25
  5. Brazilian blowout: $60
  6. Keratin treatment: $75
  7. Blowout: $30
  8. Wedding hair: $100+



All the Hair, as mentioned earlier, salons play an essential role in providing excellent services with the best packages. These Affordable Hair Salons in Mesquite, Tx, offer outstanding services at quality prices. These salons have created particular importance among the people due to their low cost. For these reasons, people come here to get the best hair-related services at quality prices.