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Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Waco, Texas

The hair salon guide website provides you with information about salons located in different cities. These websites will let you know which salon is best for you and which salon services you can avail of so that you don’t find it challenging to find a salon. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the essential information and services of the quality and Best Hair Salons in Waco, Texas, so that you don’t have to face any problems in presenting yourself in a beautiful, charming, and attractive way.

Below are the list of my finalize Best Hair Salons in Waco, Texas, including their services, main features, prices, amenities, and contact informations.


1. Oh, La Vache Salon

Address: 921 Lake Air Dr Suite D-1, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-732-4885

Oh, La Vache Salon a best hair salon in Waco

Oh, La Vache Salon offers the best services in Waco, Texas. Every customer who comes to this salon is greeted with good manners.

They have the best team with modern techniques, which provides all kinds of best services regarding hair and skin. They have reasonable hair fall solutions and hair care products that are helpful for every fan.

This salon offers the best services to its customers, like facials, pedicures, manicures, body waxes, henna brows, nail beautifying balayage, curly hair golden hydrogel, and human hair extensions. Given all these facilities, there is a lot of customer loyalty here. Every prospective customer appreciates their work a lot and wants to avail of their services for peace of mind.


Services with Prices

  1. Best Hairstyling for women: $57
  2. Exclusive men hair cut for the price of $30
  3. Best new growth hair touch only $67
  4. The process of shampooing the hair is $40
  5. The process of sewing extension in the hair $150
  6. Women’s formal hairstyle in the hair $80
  7. The process of full-body waxing $50


2. La Bella Salon & Beauty Lounge

Address: 4312 W Waco Dr b, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-776-1270

La Bella Salon & Beauty Lounge Affordable salon in waco

We welcome you to Central Texas’ most popular salon and spa today, treating each of our clients with the highest standards of ethics and catering to their every need and desire in their style. This famous salon has very quality and highly qualified artists who satisfy everyone’s heart with their skills and prove helpful to people. This famous Waco, Texas salon offers a wide range of services, including body waxing, hair care, cutting, pedicures, and more, to suit every customer. 

Let us indulge you in the best salon styles from head to toe with our services. The various services offered at this famous Waco, Texas salon include facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, makeup, and more. And above all, the best hair care at this salon. Whether it’s gray hair or hair that can’t even be seen, the best hair stylists here make it look so beautiful that the customers are happy to see it.

All the staff here are very friendly and beautifully together with our customers. This salon is the most popular in Waco, Texas, where customers can get their hair done from far and wide. The best and most skilled testers have a big hand in making the salon great. They treat their customers well and do their work with such beauty that the customers are happy with their services.

One of the best artists in the salon, Mary, is very skilled in hair cutting and hair styling. She straightens the hair so neatly that the viewer cannot believe his eyes. This artist makes the hair so beautiful that every customer who is worried about their hair becomes delighted to see their hair after this service.


Services with Prices

  1. Best Swedish massage $144
  2. The process of a Swedish massage mini facial is $118
  3. Excellent Ultimate Body Detox $239
  4. The Prenatal Massage is $193
  5. Best M’lis Body Contour Wrap $170
  6. Swedish Massage $306 includes couples also
  7. Best services for Makeup, Light Lunch, Brightening Facial, Foot Treatment, and Aroma Massage $386


3. I Heart Hair Salon & Day Spa

Address: 3301 Bosque Blvd, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-235-5959

Quality hair salon in waco I Heart Hair Salon & Day Spa

Another popular salon that has been in business for more than a decade is Salon I Heart Hair Salon and Day Spa, which has proven its expertise in serving many customers over its long tenure. There are various types of services, such as makeup, facials, waxing, pedicures, manicures, hair treatment, hair color, different cutting styles, and many more services that attract people. They provide services according to their wishes and satisfy them. That’s why this salon is among the most popular salons in Waco, Texas.

It makes customers satisfied that hair color is a necessity of life. One of the most popular hair care treatments is the Brazilian blowout, which has been a customer favorite for years. Customers who want their hair to look beautiful and shiny opt for this treatment, and it brings many benefits.


Services with Prices

  1. Best hair cutting for women’s $35
  2. The basic manicure for women is $25
  3. Excellent facials for women $70
  4. The lip wax removal $15
  5. Single hairs color for women $75
  6. Gorgeous shampoo and style for women’s $25
  7. Beautiful haircutting for men’s $20


4. Salon At Ridgewood Village

Address: 2018 N Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-741-1971

Salon At Ridgewood Village

Waco is one of the most popular salons in Texas, located in Ridgewood Village. This salon has made a name for itself with its services and has made people enjoy its services. Their services include hair coloring, nail trimming, waxing, hair styling, and many other services that provide convenience to people. This is a salon that has been ranked among the top salons for almost five years and has been voted the best salon in Waco, Texas, every year. They provide people with all the facilities that are not available elsewhere, and their services include cutting, coloring, hair straightening, and many other treatments.

The reason why people love the salon at Ridgewood Village is that they are provided with all the facilities that they need. Apart from all these facilities, they also have a skilled and educated nail artist.


Highlights and Services

  1. Best hair cutting and hairstyle for women
  2. Hair Color and Best Highlights for Women
  3. The facial services for women
  4. Straight hair and perms service for women
  5. Best Neil service are present for women
  6. The Hair Removal Way for Women


5. 202 Beauty Lounge

Address: 215 S 2nd St #103, Waco, TX            Phone: +1 254-300-4757

202 Beauty Lounge best hair salon ever

202 Beauty Lounge is one of the most popular salons in Waco, Texas. Every service is provided in this salon. This salon aims to provide a path for the growth and success of the salon and to provide facilities according to their services to every customer who comes. All artists in this salon are highly skilled in their craft. They have talent in everything they do to meet people’s needs. Their services include hair cutting, coloring, treating damaged hair, providing extensions, removing body and facial hair, and many more services that are provided to people promptly.

Thanks to all these facilities, this salon is one of the most popular salons that are provided to people according to their needs.


Services with Prices

  1. Best treatments for women: Conditioning Treatments $25 and Brazilian Blowout $250
  2. The Extensions for Women: Natural Beaded Weft settlement and Itip Adjustment $150
  3. Best Brows and Lashes: Brown Lamination and Lash Lift $83
  4. Hair Removal from Body: Full Brazilian $63, Full Leg $85, Half Leg $68, Full Arm $54
  5. Hair Removal from Face: Lip $13, Chin $13, Nose $23


6. The Cutting Edge Salon & Spa

Address: 2301 Washington Ave, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-776-8006

The Cutting Edge Salon & Spa waco

At Cutting Edge Salon, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service. It is an educational salon where continuous education is required to keep up to date, which is why we have adopted this system for ourselves. All the artists here are charming and impress every customer with their style. This salon is one of the most popular salons in Waco, Texas, where people are provided with various facilities.

Their services include hair coloring, cutting, straightening of curly hair, and many more. With which they impress people, every customer who comes here is very impressed and happy. Because here, the work is done according to their wishes, and they are treated in the best way. This happens because every artist here is educated.


Highlights and Services

  1. Best hair extension for women
  2. The best hair care, cutting, and styles for women
  3. Excellent makeup for women
  4. Well done eyelash extensions for women
  5. The hair removed from a woman’s body


7. Salons by JC Waco

Address: 2814 W Loop 340 Bldg H-1, Waco, TX         Phone: +1 254-662-9490

Salons by JC Waco hair

JC Salon Waco provides the best solution for customers in Texas with professional and supporting packages. Their services and professional team-up can be very helpful. It was always my best experience at JC Salon Waco. You can get a lot of satisfaction and the best services from this salon’s professional and advanced service team. Due to the excellent packages of this salon, customers are becoming highly valued. JC Salon’s opening hours and the freedom to run the business allow it to cater to a wide range of customer needs and provide the best amenities.

The new team in this salon is also better known as Welcome. The staff of this salon are professionally trained hairdressers, hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, cost-metrics, eyelash extensions, microblading, hair braiding, weaving extensions, manicures, pedicures, nail art, and skincare.


Business Highlights and Services

  1. Exclusive haircut for men, women, kids
  2. Best skin products for facial treatments
  3. Better work for Body Wraps
  4. Brazillian blowpot for wom and men
  5. Special cold laser-led facial treatments
  6. The process of deep tissue massage
  7. Lash lifts and Micriblading
  8. Leser hair removal services for women
  9. The detailed process for a chemical peel

In this salon, the prices for the customers are determined according to the work.


8. On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar

Address: 711 Austin Ave, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-556-4317

On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar

On Avenue Salon & Blowout Bar is exceptionally prominent in its location in Waco, Texas, with its premier service offerings. This salon, with its experienced and professional team, is exemplary in keeping up with the latest trends in haircutting and hair-coloring processes. The salon aims to instill confidence and value in its customers by providing superior service in a professional environment. All customers in this salon are happy to get quality work done according to their needs. The feedback from every customer who comes to this salon is positive, as it plays a vital role in performing quality work with modern technology.

In the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar, the best unique requirements are found for customers according to their quality and function. Every customer who comes to this salon gets a boost of confidence and happiness when they get good service at affordable and quality prices. Due to the unique work of this salon, most of the customers keep going to get their services.


Salon Services with Prices

Facial treatments

  1. 30-minute Glam facial price $47-$71
  2. Brow tint $11
  3. Brown lamination facial treatment $150

Waxing treatments

  1. Eyebrow wax process $16-$20
  2. Lip chin wax $10-$40
  3. Brazillian wax process in $81+

Eyelash Extension treatment

  1. Full set classic treatment in two weeks $35
  2. Full Volum thick two-week fill $55
  3. The set of Hybrid two-week fills $65


9. Trendz Salon Waco

Address: 8020 Central Park Dr, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-709-7848

cheap hair salon Trendz Salon Waco

Trends Salon Waco, Texas, has its importance as a modern and contemporary studio. This salon is a professional studio specializing in all the latest hair trends in addition to hair coloring and hair extensions for both men and women. Every customer who visits this salon looks attractive and dignified when they are treated professionally and get service. The team at this salon is always ready to provide the best quality work and instill confidence in the customer.

The Waco is the best professional salon in Texas due to its unique value and best packages. You get the best services from us, and they give you the best chance, as usual, to make you look unique.

Pacebook Page: Trendz SalonWaco

Waco Services

  1. Beneficial hairdressing for men, women and kids
  2. The process of waxing is suitable for women
  3. Exclusive haircutting and hair styling
  4. Dynamic hair color and ombre treatments
  5. Beat extension and dramatic colors
  6. Permanent lash treatments for women
  7. The classic keratin treatments


10. Salon Posh Waco

Address: 1615 Wooded Acres Dr, Waco, TX          Phone: +1 254-235-1412

Salon Posh Waco

Salon Posh Waco, Texas, plays a prominent role with a unique feature of its own. This salon’s unique hair cutting, hair coloring, and extension services, like the finest human hair, impress people a lot. Every customer who comes to this salon feels confident and attractive beauty after availing of their services under the influence of its unique features. The salon sees a new team co-op emerging based on unique work as well as cutting-edge technology that is influential in shaping the world of modern fashion.

The unique style of this salon’s team leaves a unique impression on people. Due to the unique style of Salon Posh, people love their work a lot.

Services with Prices

  1. Eyelash treatment for women $150
  2. Eyelash fill $60
  3. Classic menicure pedicure $20-$45
  4. Good hairdressing for women
  5. Nail art according to work