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Hair Salons in Grand Prairie, Texas | Top 10 Hair Salons

Hair Salons in Grand Prairie

Are you Looking for the quality hair salon which improve your personality in Grand Prairie, Stay here! This article will help you sort out best hair salon in your city.  The hair salon business in Grand Prairie has a lot of growth. They play a very important role in the country’s economy by leading towards development. Professionally, a special part plays an important role in making and developing hair salons. This is why many people are involved in the profession of hair salon and love their profession very much and are progressing day and night in the fashion world. Every day there is a new change in fashion.

This is the quality to adopt the modern variability of this upcoming fashion and uniquely present the modern fashion methods in your salon. In this article I am gonna sorting and listing Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Grand Prairie.

To serve the people of this city better by informing them about the new fashion techniques. Since the fashion industry has a huge ocean within it, the new fashion day by day changes the personality and standards of the people and their beauty. All major hair salons provide standard packages and deals to people. Thus every visiting customer selects the package according to his pocket standard and benefits from the best salon service.


1. Sisters studio color & beauty bar

Address: 2306 Oak Ln, st 1B, 211 Oak Ln, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 469-753-2389

Sisters Studio Color & Beauty Bar is a quality and reliable salon in Grand Prairie. They have 20 years of experience in Grand Prairie, providing this salon with the best and latest fashion techniques. Their salon aims for a friendly environment and to promote better the latest fashion and the best services for the clients. Their job is to provide the best professional services to achieve the color according to their desires while maintaining the integrity of their client’s hair. Jennifer Castillo is a great customer of her salon, she says in her review.

When I came here as a customer for the first time, I liked the experience of coming to her salon. Maribel, a master in his profession, did a fantastic job on my hair and gave me a very professional cut that made it look so attractive; it was more than I expected. I thanked them again for the excellent service and left. Visit FaceBook Page for more details


  • Online booking
  • Comfortability for customers
  • Car and bike parking services
  • Best quality staff and professional services

Business Highlights and Services

  • Haircut and Styling Services: Haircut and styling, Curly Hairstyling, Men and Kid’s haircut
  • Hair Treatment Services: Hair falling treatment, Hair rebounding, Scalp massage, and scalp treatment
  • Hair Coloring Services
  • Extension Services: Hair and eyebrow extensions
  • Other Treatments: MakeUp treatment


2. Xtremz Hair Salon & Barber Shop

Address: 2634 S Carrier Pkwy #103, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 972-623-1772

Xtreme Salon is the most experienced and professional salon in Grand Prairie, locally owned and operated. Tonja good is the owner of this salon. She established this salon in 2000. Tonja has professional training in hair loss, hair growth, hair cutting, and hair treatment. She has served as a professional stylist for over fifty years. This salon is a diverse shop and takes pride in providing excellent services to everyone who visits the place. Hair stylists in this salon are technicians and professionals with an average of five years of experience. These technicians here play an excellent role in providing a fun and classic atmosphere for every customer.

Their hair stylists are trained monthly to best cut the latest men’s and women’s hair because of modern fashion. Flexibility in working as professional training for all their staff Xtreme Salon offers a unique range of advanced services with affordable packages and reasonable prices. For booking visit services page


  • Well-mannered staff
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Wheelchair services
  • Online booking

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Lady haircuts, Children’s haircuts, and Men’s Traditional Barber services by Calvin
  2. Hair Styling and Treatment: Foils & lightning services, Perms and relaxation, Brazilian blowout, Special function Makeup and Hairstyling
  3. Hair Color Services
  4. Men’s Grooming Services: Beard trims services and Men’s Traditional Barber Lazer services
  5. Additional Beauty Services: Nails art services and Waxing facilities


3. LSL Hair Studio

Address: 3758 S Carrier Pkwy # 136, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 972-264-7895

LSL Hair Studio is one of the best-known salons in Grand Prairie, a very professional and charming salon. Kei is the owner of this salon. He is a very friendly and professional man with professional knowledge of hair. All the customers leave impressed and happy with her work. All her stylists are highly trained and friendly colleagues who provide excellent service. Her staff members warmly welcome every customer to the salon. The Nice Nurse is one of her best customers who reviewed that Kie was so nice she quickly took care of my daughter with her friendly hands. Who is very gentle and personally cut and beautifully styled the hair.

My daughter loved the feeling of this beautiful transformation. Their salon prices are also reasonable. I thanked him for that. We left with a promise to come back to his salon again. Milton Williams says I went to his salon for plumbing work and met the owner and a few other people at work. I returned saying thank you, very much impressed by their atmosphere, enjoying their professional work, and couldn’t stop praising them.


  • Online booking is available
  • Car and Bike parking
  • Wheelchair services are available
  • Gender restrooms services
  • Good well mannered staff

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Kid’s haircut, Women’s haircut, and Men’s Haircut services
  2. Hair Styling and Treatment Services: Hairstyling, Hair treatment, and Scalp massage services
  3. Hair Coloring Services: Hair highlighting services and color selection
  4. Cosmetic Services: Makeup, and Facial treatment


4. Instinctive Hair Nails Spa Couture

Address: 5204 S State Highway 360 #420, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 972-602-9957

Instinctive Hair Nails Sepah Couture is a local, charming professional salon in Grand Prairie. The salon was established in 2007. Salon has professional and courteous stylists and professional staff. The salon caters to the exact requirements of the customer. This salon uses the latest technology and fashion trends to cater to all customers’ needs. The stylists in their salon meticulously use Protein Bond 100% Protein. Bonded Hospital Grade Sterile Human Extensions are available on the scalp to protect the client’s hair when applied. Additionally, the extensions can be applied to your scalp to match your hair color. The staff plays an important role in providing a welcoming, spacious and comfortable environment to all customers, even as they graciously accept last-minute appointments and go out of their way to serve them.


  • Professional staff
  • Online booking facilities
  • Accept Credit Card
  • Accept apple pay
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • General neutral restrooms

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cut and Styling Services: Kids and Men Cut, Barber Fads, Formal, and Wedding Styling, Up Dos Services
  2. Hair Treatment Services: Brazilian Blowout Services, Full Hair Highlights, and Hair Conditioning Treatment
  3. Beauty and Spa Services: Lavish Lashes Facilities, Facial Treatment, Wrap Body Services, and Scallop Massage.


5. Exclusive Cuts Hair Salon

Address: 815 Mayfield Rd #200, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 972-642-2218

Exclusive Cuts Hair Salon is a local professional hair salon in Grand Prairie. This salon has over ten years of professional experience in the dressing industry. The salon offers a pleasant and friendly atmosphere to the customer. This salon has unique, And there are courteous hair stylists who do professional hair with beautiful manners. This salon offers various hair and beauty services for both men and women with expertise. The salon’s professional team has modern. There are talented, experienced modern tools with various fashion requirements that play a vital role in shaping your hair as per your requirement.

The professional team here is skilled in shaping hair as per modern requirements, cutting hair, and Specializing in Brazilian Blowouts. This salon offers a range of beautiful modern hairstyles and hair coloring services at very affordable prices and affordable packages. The products used are very high quality; buy these products and use them to get the best results.


Business Highlights and Services

  • Hair cutting for Men, Women, and Kids
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair curls services and hair waves services
  • Brazilian blowout services
  • Hairstyles and fades services


6. Miranda’s Lounge Beauty Salon

Address: 2210 W Main St Ste 105, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 469-660-0017

Marand’s Lounge Beauty Salon is advanced in Grand Prairie. The owner of this salon is Marand. He is the best stylist in his profession. He has received advanced hairdressing training, which helps advance her profession. She has the best professional staff, which she has trained herself. Every customer visiting their salon is welcomed and sent off with excellent service. Every customer compliments their work on the way out and wants them to come back. Melissa O’Brien is a customer of this salon. When I visited the salon, I was very happy to see that their environment was very calm, and they welcomed me in a very beautiful manner. Yuli provided excellent service as I entered the salon with sad hair. The old color of my hair had faded and looked too gray.

It was also harmful to my hair. N helped me choose the perfect color and ensured that my hair would be fine. She applied the color well and covered my head. It helped me with long-term planning to grow out the best. Then she washed my hair so well. I was amazed that everything she did was excellent, and my hair looked much more beautiful. This way, I got a specific hairstyle, and I am happy to thank them. I found a new stylist who is very friendly and professional with my hair from this salon. Visit Facebook Page for more details and instructions


  • Online booking services
  • Free Wi-Fi services
  • Street Parking

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting Services: Men’s Hair cut, Kids hair cut, and Hair Trims
  2. Hair Treatment Services: Hair conditioning, Hair perms, Brazilian blowout treatment, Keratin treatment, and Hair bounding
  3. Hair Styling Services: Hairstyling and beautiful cuts, Full and half highlighting
  4. Other Services: Scallop message


7. Beauty Concepts Salon

Address: 2580 W Camp Wisdom Rd #700, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 817-724-9059

Beauty Concepts Salon is a professional service located in Grand Prairie. It was established in 2014 in Grand Prairie. The years of experience of this salon ensures that they can provide you with the best professional services in the matter of hair and play an important role. They provide the customer with the quality of services they have always dreamed of. Their salons have professional technicians and licensed stylists who offer a wide range of services with utmost dedication and play a major role in providing style.

These specialists provide services for women, men, and children. One of the specialties of their salon is that they offer full-service African hair braiding and classes. The main objective of their salon is that the visiting customer leaves their salon satisfied with quality services and exceeds their expectations.


  • Professional staff
  • Online booking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Street parking

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Styling: African Hair Styling, African Hair Trendings, Women’s Hair Styling, and Kid’s Hair Styling
  2. Hair Cuts: African Hair Cut and Classes, Women’s Hair Cut, and Kids Hair Cut
  3. Hair Treatment: Scalp Massage and Treatment, Hair Conditioning, and Hair Falling Treatment
  4. Makeup Services: Makeup and Bridal Services


8. Angel’s Salon

Address: 119 E Main St, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 214-554-8613

Angel’s Salon is the best professional salon in Grand Prairie. This salon has created a niche in Grand Prairie locally. People here are excited to take services at their salon because of their professional work and reasonable packages. This salon takes special care of cleanliness. All their staff plays an important role in working with professionalism and competence. Stepping into this salon, one is immediately greeted by the impeccable cleanliness, reflecting meticulous attention to detail that is equally applied to the provision of services. The team is committed to offering excellent customer service, ensuring a warm, welcoming atmosphere that complements their top-notch professional skills.

The stylish Raul stands out for his exceptional hair-cutting technique. His deft speed and precision never fail to impress, leaving every client with renewed confidence and a beaming smile. Over the years, this salon has maintained an excellent quality standard, reiterating its importance in professional hair care and customer satisfaction.


  • Staff professionalism
  • Online services
  • Private parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Services: Hair Cutting, Hair Trimming, and Hair Extensions
  2. Hair Treatment: Keratin Treatment and Hair Rebounding
  3. Hair Coloring: Balayage Service and Hair Highlights Services
  4. Eye Services: Eyelid Extensions
  5. Other Services: Scalp Massage


9. Star Salon

Address: 2615 W Pioneer Pkwy, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 214-788-2853

Star Salon in Grand Prairie has carved a niche for itself in terms of cosmetics products. Grand Prairie has built a lot of popularity and self-confidence in the local community. You can choose any establishment’s beauty products at this salon. You can keep your look the way you want. Here you will find all kinds of products for hair cutting as well as hair coloring and hair fall control. Based on these natural products, this salon has grand It has carved a niche in Prairie which gives it a reputation and high status.

The professional staff of this salon provides you with the best advice and treatments regarding hair. The customer who comes here is warmly welcomed. They are provided with the services they want. Their salons are characterized by cleanliness and professionalism, punctuality and quality of work, and value for the customer.


  • Best punctuality
  • Online booking services
  • Free Wi-Fi

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair ServicesBest: Hair cutting, Hair Fall, Hair treatment, Hair coloring, Hair Highlights, and Hairstyling
  2. Cosmetic Services: Best Cosmetics products
  3. Massage Services: Scallop message
  4. Facial Treatment Services: Best facial treatment and Bridal facial treatment


10. Studio 21 Salons

Address: 580 & 600, 830 Mayfield Rd, Grand Prairie          Phone: +1 972-264-2600

Highly lauded, Studio 21 Salons offers various beauty services that transform and uplift. Customers consistently praise their diverse offerings, including professional hairstyling, acrylic nail services, and body sculpting. The salon is renowned for improving hair health and strength with meticulous care and expert advice. The salon’s exceptional photography and makeup services provide a holistic makeover experience. The Studio 21 team prides itself on creating a clean, professional, and welcoming atmosphere, delivering top-tier customer service and quality results to first-time and returning clients.


  • Online booking services
  • Punctuality and regularity
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Public and Private Parking

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Services: Hair extensions, Hairstyling, Haircuts, Natural Hair Care, and Hair Stylist Services
  2. Nail Services: Acrylic nails and Acrylic Nail Services
  3. Body Services: Body Sculpting
  4. Other Services: Underwear Models, Barber, Body Sculpting, and Nails



In the article “Top 10 hair salons in Grand Prairie, Texas” you will easily sort out best hair salon according to your pocket. Each salon excels in providing various treatments, from hair cutting to coloring and hair fall treatments to quality extensions. Unique offerings such as Scallop massages and bridal facial treatments add to their allure. The variety of cosmetic products further underscores their commitment to full-service beauty care. These salons offer a personalized, unforgettable experience, consistently exceeding client expectations.