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Top 5 Hair Salons in Pearland, TX

Top 5 Hair Salons in Pearland, Texas

Located in the heart of Texas, Pearland is not only known for its warmth and beauty. Instead, due to its beauty and charm, it gets four moons. Suppose you are looking for the Top 5 Hair Salons in Pearland, TX to change your look and pamper yourself. So, we welcome you to Pearland TX.

We recommend the Hair Salons in Pearland, TX experience as the Salon stands out for its innovative features. Pearland TX Salons offers a clean slate of high-end establishments. This article explores the top seven hair salons for updos, which boast a unique charm and commitment to excellence.

All the following salons have different features depending on their function and status. However, we provide information on new hairstyles and hair care products and their treatments. Here, we review the best hair salons with them.


1. Artisan Loft Salon

Address: 8703 W. Broadway, Suite 119, Pearland, TX               Phone: 832-221-2489

Houston’s top hair salon, the Artisan Loft Salon, is in Pearland TX. Expert colorist Derek Shane is assembling the best artists to provide clients with unmatched service in this relaxed, welcoming environment. After receiving training from some of the nation’s best stylists, owner Derek Shane joined the field in 2011.

Monica Resendez and Karen are professional stylists specializing in hair color, cut, and extensions. As a professional hairstylist with thirty years of experience, Karen is licensed in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. They aim to exceed each individual’s expectations by providing the best possible service using the most advanced levels of training and experience.

Artisan Loft Salon also wants to achieve beautiful and healthy hair and serve its customers with integrity and attention. They are committed to following their passion to provide the best beauty to their customers.

Business Highlights and Services

  •  The best hair cut For women
  •  Exclusive hair styling and coloring
  •  Hair Glazing and Brazilian hair straightening
  • The best Blowdry and hair lighting
  •  The best hair regrowth services
  •  The prominent best hair hydration treatment
  • The best Keratin treatment for women
  • Quality base hair human extensions

2. Salons by JC Pearland Parkway

Address: 2650 Pearland Pkwy #196, Pearland, TX                       Phone: +1 281-915-1570

Located in the Pearland TX area, JC Salon is known for its skill, popularity, and sophistication. The environment of the Salon is so peaceful and calm that every customer who comes here feels happy and above all artists here make everyone feel happy. They prove their quality work according to their wishes. 

Successful artists are passionate about their work to make hair beautiful, Body waxing, Eyelashes And Eyebrows, and Lip Blushing in these salons. And if you choose JC Salon to beautify yourself, this is your decision will prove correct.


Business Highlights and Services

  • All Over Color Quality product
  • The Toner and Olaplex services
  • Brow and Lip wax
  • Oribe renewal and Hand tide treatment
  • Hair Curls & Hair Silk Plus services
  • The Austin Minni highlights for women’s hair
  • The personalized New Yorker Partial Highlights
  • The Dallas Blond full hair Highlights in hairs services
  • The SoCal Balayage & Color Retouch product services
  • Recomask for women and Olaples mask


3. Karen Rivera/Hairstylist

Address: 2650 Pearland Pkwy Suite 196 Room #36, Pearland, TX              Phone: +1 281-968-5700

For its trendy look and style, Karen Rivera/Hairstylist Salon is well-loved by Pearland, Texas, residents. Its staff of stylists is admired for their innovation and meticulousness, and the Salon has a warm, inviting atmosphere. The Salon’s dedication to staying up-to-date with emerging trends is highly valued by its customers, who always feel stylish and satisfied.

This Salon has everything you need, whether you’re looking for a bright color, a trendy haircut, or a complete makeover. Karen Rivera/Hairstylist is a place that can simplify your routine or introduce you to products or services that you might not have thought about in your routine.


Business Highlights and Services

  • The best Volum exchange extension
  • Exclusive haircuts for men and women
  • Bong trim in the hair
  • Color highlights and Balayage services
  • Scallop treatment
  • Facial treatment
  • Olaplex services


4. Salon On The Lake

Address: 2817 Miller Ranch Rd., Suite 341, Pearland, TX      Phone: 832-731-1181

Salon on the Lack Pearland is the hidden gem in Texas everyone is looking for. Because these saloons provide all the services found in very few saloons, thanks to these services and talented artists, the Salon is one of the most popular Hair Salons in Pearland, TX.

This Salon’s team of experienced stylists tries to satisfy their customers. Their services include hair care, color change, conditioning services, etc., and the best arts to complete these services Katrina is famous. First, Katrina’s skills make her customers satisfied with her work. She specializes in stylish haircuts, waxes, full-body extensions, and highlights.

Customers are very impressed with her services. She keeps up to date with all the current trends. People appreciate Katrina’s work so much that her popularity is everywhere in Pearland TX. Therefore, choosing a salon on The Lake is best to make yourself attractive.


Business Highlights and Services

  • Scallop treatment services
  • Roller set services
  • The best haircut services
  • Relax hair oil treatment services
  • Shampo Conditioning and Braid Down services 
  • Keratin treatment and weave leave-out services
  • Custom vig consultation
  • Partial Highlights and retouch relaxer
  • Deep Conditioning deep hydration and Protein treatment


5. Luxe Salon & Spa

Address: 9215 Broadway St, Suite 115, Pearland, TX           Phone:  (281) 412-0500

With the help of a team of highly talented and creative professionals, Luxe Salon and Med Spa in Pearland, Texas, offers individualized services for the body, hair, and skin. Physicians, nurses, and support personnel who have completed board certifications and are dedicated to giving their patients the best care possible make up their team of healthcare providers.

They ensure that the medical professionals they work with remain current on the newest medical developments. Luxe Salon & Spa is now eligible to be inducted into the Pearland Business Hall of Fame in 2023 after being chosen for four years of the Best of Pearland Awards for Salon and Spa.

Every artist at this Salon is a qualified professional stylist with experience. They have almost fifteen years of experience with master stylists. They continue to learn about new trends and regularly maintain their industry certificates. Their medical and estheticians provide a range of non-invasive facial techniques and treatments to help patients’ skin look and feel better.


Business Highlights and Services

  • The best haircut for men, women, and kids
  • Color correction and full highlights in hairs
  • Blow Dry for men, women, and kids
  • Partial and full Highlights
  • Balayage and Keratin
  • Hair treatment Shampoo and Conditioning



In conclusion, our discussion concludes that hair salons in Pearland, TX, offer a diverse array of high-end hair salons if you want to get experienced services such as a classic kit with a modern style or luxury base for attention and features to stand out.

So, welcome to the diverse array of top salons in Pearland, TX. However, these five salons will exceed your expectations if you take the time to find a good salon. Check the latest reviews and offers before your appointment to ensure an up-to-date and pleasant salon experience.

Check out our write-up and reviews. In addition to Pearland TX, you’ll find our efforts helpful at more salons. Please take advantage of our Texas salon’s features and valuable information for more information.


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