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Top 5 Hair Salons in Carrollton, Tx

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the best and highest-quality hair salons in Carrollton, Texas. Here is information about Top 5 Hair Salons in Carrollton, Tx. so, that you don’t have to face any problems to achieve your desired look. Searching for quality products, reasonable prices, and good quality products.

Choose the best salons in upstate Carlton, Texas. And can benefit from the services of these salons. In these salons, you can get services for different haircuts, bleach, highlight Makeup, and different types of eyelashes so that you can prominently present yourself in front of others.


1. Phenix Salon Suites Carrollton

Address: 2650 Midway Rd Suite 140 Suite 240, Carrollton, TX          Phone: +1 972-885-8557

best hair salon tx

Phenix Salon Suites Carrollton has a wide range of operations. The artists of this salon are seasoned and experienced. Phenix Salon makes its customers look so beautiful that customers feel their personality is complete. The artists of this salon keep in mind the quality of the customer and provide them with excellent and durable products so that the customer avoids any damage, and there is no reduction in the salon’s rate.

Apart from hair, this salon also excels in skin care. For the customers’ comfort, a quiet, spacious, and comfortable place has been arranged so that they do not face any problems while waiting.

Salon Services

  1. Hairstyling, Hair extensions
  2. Manicure, Pedicure
  3. Hair cuts, Nail extensions
  4. Skincare products
  5. Hairstyling, Balayage


2. Cutting Edge Hair Salon Tx

Address: 3432 E Hebron Pkwy Apt 108, Carrollton, TX          Phone: +1 469-737-8691

Cutting Edge Hair Salon Tx a best hair salon in tx

These are dedicated to offering sophisticated hair services in a kind and caring way at Cutting Edge Hair, a leading hair salon in Carrollton, Texas. This salon provides the best services to the customers according to the extensions and ideas mentioned by the customers. The artists of this salon specialize in giving customers amazing and beautiful cuts and colors. People like their work and will be interested in staying here in the future.

This salon provides the best services to its customers at reasonable prices and offers a relaxing environment for its customers. The artists of this salon treat their clients very gently and cheerfully.

Salon Services

  1. Haircut, Hairstyling
  2. Balagaye, Blowdry
  3. Haircut Short (barber/pixie)
  4. Haircut Mid Length (past ears)
  5. Haircut Long, Olaplex, Brazilian Blowout
  6. Color & Highlights, Color & Partial Highlights
  7. Blonding Retouch, Men’s Color Camo
  8. Protein Treatment, Mask Treatment


3. Salon Masc

Address: 2650 Midway Rd #128, Carrollton, Tx          Phone: +1 972-701-0980

Salon Masc hair salon tx

With the most skilled and experienced stylists in Carrollton, Texas, this Salon Masc is committed to providing top-notch treatments. Bunnie Clay, the proprietor and expert stylist, has skillfully designed an exquisite area that unites like-minded persons in a setting that fosters individual growth and teamwork. To help you create a look that is uniquely yours, hair stylists are trained to customize their services to meet the needs of each customer.

This salon’s quality service is delivered via education, dedication, and a fantastic work atmosphere to guarantee their clients have a pleasant and happy experience.

Salon Services

  1. Hair cutting, hair color
  2. Perms, texturizers, scalp treatments
  3. Brazilian Blowout smoothing systems, relaxers,
  4. Hair extensions, Micro Mist Steam hair conditioning systems
  5. Sew-in Extensions, Net Weave Extensions


4. Champagne Hair Studio

Address: 1500 W Hebron Pkwy, Carrollton, Tx          Phone: +1 469-892-6212

Hair Salons in Carrollton tx

At Champagne Hair Studio, Sierra is the proprietor. Providing for all of the customer’s beauty needs is the expertise. Lashes, excellent coloring, and other types of extensions are of expertise. Creating beautiful, confident looks and feelings for my loyal clients has been my passion throughout the years. Professional stylists Monce and Miracle are skilled in blowouts and updos for special occasions.

Having worked with several clients, she is adept at bringing out their most remarkable features. Specializing in volume and hybrid lash sets, Iliana is a superb lash technician. She makes unique men’s cuts, and she’s also a part-time stylist.

Salon Services

  1. Braid, updo
  2. Color hair glaze treatment
  3. Women cut, Men’s Haircut
  4. Extra bowl, Detangling
  5. Model hair service, Makeup
  6. lightening and highlights
  7. Olaplex treatment, K18 Hair Mask


5. Midway Salon Suites

Address: 2015 Midway Rd #118, Carrollton, Tx          Phone: +1 214-484-8595

Midway Salon Suites tx

Excellence was the cornerstone of Midway Salon Suites’ (MSS) opening and is carried out in every facet of the business. This innovates to exceed the expectations of barbers, estheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, professional stylists, and other service providers, as well as all of their clients, rather than just being innovative. Thus, from the beginning to the end of each visit, the MSS experience is intended to enthrall and provide an exceptional one. The staff is very obident and experienced.

With over 25 years of expertise in the salon sector, the proprietor is fully committed to this goal. As the proprietors of MSS, their goal is to introduce the beauty professional to a stunningly detailed, sophisticated, and welcoming state-of-the-art setting that will appeal to both you and your clientele.

Salon Services

  1. Facials, Eyelashes
  2. Barber, Braids
  3. Eyebrows, Hair
  4. Lashes, Makeup
  5. Massage, Microblading
  6. Others, Skin
  7. Teeth, Waxing


Wrap up

As we have discussed Top 5 Hair Salons in Carrollton, Tx above. This article provides information about the best hair salons and their services so that you can make yourself attractive. These salons offer the best services to their customers, including bang trim, hair styling, hair coloring, Balayage, and different hair extensions.

In these salons, punctuality, quality, cleanliness, and a calm environment are taken care of. Wings or demands are reduced according to the customer’s specified budget.