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Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Pasadena, Texas

Best Hair Salons in Pasadena

If you are a Pasadena, Texas, resident or a traveler and want the best haircut to look charming and attractive, Then this article is for you. The article highlights several hair salons’ distinct features and services in Pasadena, Texas, offering affordable options for potential clients seeking various hairstyling services. I want to explain the top 10 best hair salons in Pasadena, Texas, in this article. The fashion industry has become widely introduced in USA states and has grown daily for the last 10 years. Texas is the best example of them. Below are the 10 best hair salons at affordable prices, sorted by Hair Salon Guider Team according to personal and public reviews.


1. Duane’s Hair Design

Address: 2737 Yale St, Pasadena, TX          Phone: 713-473-5831

Duane’s hair design salon has operated in Pasadena, Texas, for over 10 years. The salon provides customers with different diamond styles according to their designs. Duane is an experienced and professional lady. They provide the best and most excellent services, which list various hairstyles like bang trim, Haircuts, Hair coloring, Balayage, Curly hair, Updos, Hair Highlights, Hairstyling, and Braids. This salon takes care of cleanliness, punctuality, professionalism, and quality. The environment of this salon is very calm and comfortable. In this salon, Victor creates attractive and unique hairstyles for his customers with the help of scissors and blow dry. It attracts everyone. This salon is best for those interested in making haircuts and designs. New customers can avail of the services of professional artists at this salon.

Services & Highlights

  1. Hair Coloring: Excellent hair coloring services highlights and specific techniques like balayage.
  2. Hair Styling: The hair stylists in this salon are commended for their excellent hair styling services. 
  3. Hair Cutting: The salon offers hair-cutting services for both men and women. Different styles and techniques are offered, such as high-taper, mid-taper, and low-taper cuts.
  4. Extraordinary Hairstyles: The salon provides specialized hairstyles for occasions or upon request.
  5. Hair Treatments: The salon provides specific hair treatments, new and improved looks’ and perms for men.


2. Pasadena Hair Design

Address: 2241 Pasadena Blvd, Pasadena, TX          Phone: 713-534-9398

Pasadena Hair Design Salon has been operating in Pasadena, Texas, for over 18 years. This salon is exemplary for its expertise and experience. Sean, along with his family, provides excellent customer service. Keeping in mind customers’ needs and providing them with a comfortable environment. Sean is admired for his hairstyles. Sean is hard of hearing, so he has 2 hearing aids for his customer service and care. People come here to get their hairstyles and haircuts done because of this salon’s low prices and excellent services. This salon in Pasadena is listed because of its experience and professional artist.

Services & Highlights

  1. Professional Haircuts: Providing excellent haircuts for adults and children.
  2. Hair Styling: Specific hairstyles like comb-overs, tapers, and edge-ups that the staff can execute.
  3. Excellent Customer Service: Friendly staff, low wait times, and excellent service.
  4. Affordable Pricing: Affordability provides good value for its services.
  5. Child-Friendly Services: The salon provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for children.


3. Monica’s Image Makers Hair Studio and Spa

Address: 4010 Fairmont Pkwy Ste 108, Pasadena          Phone: 281-998-3161

Monica’s Image Makers Hair Studio and Spa Salon has served Pasadena, Texas, for over 12 years. Veronica is a very professional woman. She is very good at her job. Varenka provides a relaxing and friendly environment to her customers. This salon also works on women’s and men’s, and children’s hairstyles, haircuts, and nails because of Julie Hairdresser in this salon. Admirable, Varenka warmly welcomes her new customers and provides the best services to the customers as per their requirements.

Services & Highlights

  1. Hair Cutting: The salon offers hair-cutting services to both men and women. Professionals understand clients’ needs and execute accordingly.
  2. Hair Coloring: The salon provides the best hair color service, especially Miss Veronica
  3. Nail Services: Monica’s salon also offers nail services, with Monica being praised for her work on a customer’s nails.
  4. Hair Styling: Customers have praised the salon for its hairstyling services. Joshua knows trends and provides styles that fit the client’s lifestyle.
  5. Donating Hair: Donating hair service provides for those who wish to donate their hair.


4. Pretty & Balayage Pasadena

Address: 4002 Fairmont Pkwy Suite A, Pasadena            Phone: 832-731-6351

Yanin  Padilla  the owner of Pretty and Balayage, have been doing hair for over a decade and a half. Miss Yanin specialize in color and extensions. She is a professional and experienced in hair stylists. She started Pretty & Balayage Salon in Pasadena, Texas, to bring her passion, skills, and experience to the people. Yanin Silva provides her customers with the best services, including bang trim, hair styling, hair coloring, Balayage, and different hair extensions. In this salon, punctuality, quality, cleanliness, and a calm environment are taken care of. Extensions or demands are reduced according to the customer’s specified budget. Yanin is the balayage queen and takes pride in her work. Because of the excellent work, this salon is your next example.

Services & Highlights

  1. Hair Coloring: They offer a range of hair coloring services, including Balayage, focusing on minimizing damage to the hair.
  2. Hair Hydration Treatments: This service aims to restore moisture and nourishment to the hair, improving its overall health and texture.
  3. Hair Styling: The salon offers hair styling services, including cuts, blowouts, and hair styling for special occasions or daily wear.
  4. Hair Extensions: They provide hair extension services to add length and volume to the hair.
  5. Haircuts: Standard and customized haircut services are also available, with stylists catering to various styles and preferences.
  6. Bang Trim: Specific services such as bang trim are also available to maintain and refresh hairstyles.


5. Sandy’s Hair Designs

Address: 604 W Southmore Ave, Pasadena          Phone: 713-505-1850

Sandy Hair Design Salon has been built in an excellent and beautiful location in Pasadena, Texas. In this salon, you can make different hair designs for your hairstyles and family. Apart from hairstyles, eyebrow or mustache waxing is also done here. Experienced and professional artists work in this salon like Stephanie. She is specializes in children’s haircut.

This salon creates haircuts and beautiful styles according to customer’s choice. In this salon, the best services are provided to the customers at low prices according to their needs. Customers visiting this salon are given a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Services & Highlights

  1. Haircuts: The salon’s ability to provide haircuts to both adults and children with high satisfaction.
  2. Hair styling: Not only do they offer haircuts, but they also offer styling services from different angles.
  3. Eyebrows and Mustache Waxing: The salon also provides waxing services for eyebrows and mustaches, indicating a broad range of beauty services.
  4. Kid-Friendly Services: The salon is praised for being nice to kids and providing excellent service.
  5. Hair Coloring: The salon provides hair coloring to their customers on demand and can be satisfying.


6. Expression Hair Salon

Address: 6323 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena          Phone: 281-998-2887

Expression Hair Salon has been established in Pasadena, Texas, for over 10 years. Liza has decorated her salon with various designs. Works. Apart from women’s, men’s & children’s hairstyles and haircuts can also be done in this salon. Also, people of all ages can benefit from this salon’s services. Hair Cuts, Hair Stylings, Curly Hair, etc.

Along with new styles, special attention is paid to cleanliness, punctuality, and quality. This salon offers excellent hair care treatments. Customers choose Expression Hair Salon for hair care and good nourishment. It will be the best decision.

Services & Highlights

  1. Haircut: They provide haircuts for men, women, and children. Special attention is given to cutting curly hair.
  2. Hairstyling: The salon offers hairstyling services to clients. They can create various styles depending on the client’s needs and desires.
  3. Blowouts/Blowdry: They offer blowout and blowdry services to give volume and style to clients’ hair.
  4. Hair Color: Hair coloring services allow clients to change their hair color according to their preferences.
  5. Bang Trim: They provide a bang-trim service to maintain the style and shape of the clients’ bangs.


7. Sola Salon Studios

Address: 455 S Lake Ave Suite 103, Pasadena          Phone: 310-492-4011

Sola Salon Studios was started keeping in mind the Move-in Ready saloon. This Saloon puts the interests of its customers first. In 2005, the opening of the Sola location paved the way for the on-Sight operator and franchisee. After 10 years, Sola Saloon celebrated the event of 5000 independent beauty professionals. Sola Salon provides the best services considering the needs of its customers. This saloon’s customers are welcomed in this exact way. Hair Stylists, Barbers, waxers, Estheticians, Lash Artists, Medical Spas, and various other services are provided in this salon.

Services & Highlights

  1. Hair Styling includes a range of services like twisting, washing and gos, curl rods, and haircuts.
  2. Box Braids style that is protective and can be stylish, which adds volume and length to the hair.
  3. The stylists also provide personalized styling tips based on the client’s face shape and hair texture.
  4. The stylists provide coloring services, which can be a fun addition to the client’s hairstyle.
  5. Keratin Treatment service involves the application of a keratin product followed by using heat to seal it into the hair, which smooths and adds shine to the hair.
  6. Kid’s Haircuts services are also available.
  7. Special attention and expertise are provided for curly hair types, including appropriate cuts, styles, and care advice.


8. Josie’s Hair Salon

Address: 1706 Southmore Ave, Pasadena, TX            Phone: 713-740-6177 

Josie’s Hair Salon has been established in Pasadena, Texas, for over 5 years. Josie is skilled, personable, and does a great job. The artists of this salon are professional and experienced. An online booking facility has also been provided to customers. This salon takes complete care of punctuality, good quality, and cleanliness for the convenience of its customers. Josie makes her customers relax. And provides a comfortable environment. This salon’s services include hair cuts, hair highlights, and various services. Ample parking has also been arranged for customers.

Services & Highlights

  1. Child-Friendly Haircuts: Cutting children’s hair, indicating this is a specific service offered.
  2. Women’s Hair Styling: Josie’s great work with women’s hair implies she provides hair styling services for women.
  3. Men’s Haircuts: Josie does excellent work on men’s hair, indicating a particular provision of men’s haircuts. 
  4. Hair Fading: David Martinez’s review points to the service of providing fade haircuts.
  5. Quality Customer Service: They radiate warmth and exhibit friendliness, both of which serve as a service in their own right.


9. Hair By Jenny

Address: 2037 Richey St, Pasadena                Phone: 713-475-1114

Hair By Jenny has fulfilled people’s dreams in Pasadena, Texas, for over 15 years. Kevin, Stephanie, and Jenny have expertise and experience in their work. The high standards and quality services that customers demand attract Pasadena residents to this salon. Happy customers enjoy the services of this salon. Apart from hairstyles, haircuts, and body waxing, many other services are available in this salon. This salon treats customers with a comfortable environment, incredible prices, professionalism, and special care. Customers flock to this salon to get new and unique hairstyles.

Services & Highlights

  1. Haircuts: The quality of the haircut for men, women, and children.
  2. Hairstyling: In addition to haircuts, Kevin provided excellent hairstyling services.
  3. Long-Term Hair Care: The same barber or hairstylist at this business for many years will benefit you.
  4. Child-Friendly Services: Being patient with children, they offer child-friendly services.
  5. Affordable Services: Many customers complimented the affordability of the services offered by this salon.


10. Magic Touch Hair

Address: 3260 Strawberry Rd, Pasadena          Phone: 713-910-3940

Magic Touch Hair sallon has been serving people for more than 14 years. Customers enjoy the services and services of this salon. Lydia specializes in haircutting and styling. In addition to hair stylings, haircuts, eyelash extensions, and occasionally facial and manicures/pedicures, Tess, Gabby, Cindy, Ann, and Hannah provide customers with a friendly, relaxed, and home-like environment. Special attention is paid to cleanliness, punctuality, and high quality. This small, privately owned saloon is an example. The quality products, unique and excellent styles, affordable prices, and experienced artists attract the people of Pasadena to this saloon.

Services & Highlights

  1. Haircuts: Haircuts for men, women, and children frequently, although experiences vary significantly.
  2. Hairstyling: Specifically, hairstylists are talented in the hairstyling they receive, 
  3. Hair Coloring: This salon offers hair coloring services, with clients expressing satisfaction with the results.
  4. Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash extensions suggest this is one of the services offered.
  5. Facials and Manicures/Pedicures: Occasional facials and manicures/pedicures, providing by this salon



In this article we are covering and sorting Top 10 best hair salon in Pasadena Texas, providing quality services in affordable prices. The top 5 salons are Duane’s Hair Design, Pasadena Hair Design, Monica’s Image Makers Hair Studio and Spa, Pretty & Balayage Pasadena, and Sandy’s Hair Designs. Professional reviewers sort all the contents and results. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this content, don’t hesitate to contact us. I hope this article will help you to find best and affordable hair salon in your areas. Visit for more related information/articles in Texas.