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10 Best Hair Salons in Garland, Tx

Stylish interior of a popular hair salon in Garland

Garland, Tx, is one of the best cities in TX, USA. About beauty, no one can be a competitor like it. The best of beauty Garland is an open, airy spa, and beauty and hair salons are located in this city. Due to this, I am covering the Top 10 best hair salons in Garland, TX, on behalf of customer reviews, comments, landing areas, parking service, staff behavior, and business reviews. According to Ibis world, the hair Salon business is growing by $48.3bn USD in the US market in 2022, and from the last year, it has become 7.1% revenue. The primary purpose of creating this list of Top 10 Best Hair Salons Garland, TX, is to make people aware of choosing the best one of the hair salons before going for a haircut and beauty treatment.

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1. Lemmond’s Salon Suites

Address: 702 Main St, Garland          Phone: 214-703-6700

Lemond’s Salon Suite, under the supervision of Harvey Lemond Dallas, has been instrumental in providing its professional services in Garland. The locals of this area are very impressed with the excellent services of this salon. Harvey Lemond Dallas was ten years old when this salon opened. I was polishing my shoes, and it was not limited to that. At the age of 16, he received his training license in cutting and growing hair from Garland High School and chose to work in his family’s barber shop to make a name for himself and started polishing his work. On December 4, 2014, Harvey completed 50 years of training in Garland to cut hair. Felt. It has a very well-trained team that greets the customers very well. You will get more information, promotions and offers from official Facebook Page.

This salon takes excellent care of cleanliness, and the work is done professionally with punctuality and traditional value. Their salons include services like hair coloring, highlighting, hair extensions, and hair extensions. They wait for the effect to come back.


  • Self-motivated perfect services
  • Online booking is available
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking services

Business Highlights and Services

  • Hair cuts and Hair style, Women hair cuts
  • Special Barber services for men
  • Facial services and Highlights in hair, and Hair correct color
  • Scallop Message


2. The Salons at Bella Suites

Address: 305 River Fern Ave #1124, Garland          Phone: 972-530-2053

The Salons Bella Suites was established in Garland, Texas, in 2012. The Salon is a full-service salon that is aesthetically appealing and functional and Provides a unique collection of fashion and the best techniques. Whether it is hair coloring or styling, their style is unique and heartwarming. They have a professional team that offers various services and treatments to beautify the customer’s hair and cater to their needs. Their squad includes an excellent hairdresser named Heidi McCreary, who specializes in men’s hair. Creating corrective colors for women involves cutting their hair perfectly and styling techniques to make it look different.

They are very good at designing great highlights and lowlights, coloring, and natural curls with their dimensional activities. Using the best techniques with quality products and materials, they offer the customer a one-time high BELLA SUITES salons are characterized by consistently providing an excellent and reliable hair salon experience for customers and tailoring them according to their needs. This Salon plays a vital role in offering quality and experienced hairdressing services.


  • Online services are available
  • Parking Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Positive, Clean, environment
  • Professional staff and services

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Styling and Cutting: Men’s and Women’s Hair Cut, Kids cut style, Bang and Neck, and Editorial hair services
  2. Hair Color: Good Color correction, Over-color, and lighter, All colors include, Balayage, and Ombre services
  3. Hair Treatment: Hair restoration, Brazilian Blowout, Keratin smoothing hair, and Hair special treatment service
  4. Hair Enhancement: Hair Accent, Extensions, Hair roller rap, and Silkening press services
  5. For More Service: Visit Website.


3. In Style, (The best hair salon in Garland Tx)

Address: 3121 N President George Bush Hwy, Garland          Phone: 972-530-0914

In Style, Salon was established in 2008 in Garland. In Style Salon is considered one of the affordable and best hair salons in Garland. I have the best fantastic and talented hairdressers specializing in different hairstyles, haircuts, coloring, highlights, perms, and hair extensions. In their team, Phuong is the best professional hairstylist. She always offers innovative hairstyling skills and services with creative ideas. Anyone who visits him is impressed with his work. This salon offers hair care and facial treatments. The best products include quality which is very reliable and visible to the customers. Locally all customers love their ideas and trends in the matter of hair. Ask them for the best products for your hair. You will get more information, promotions and offers from official Facebook Page.

Consumers highly appreciate their products given their quality and usage every time a customer walks into their salon, every member of their trained team strives to instill confidence and welcome the customer with quality. Kevin has excellent products and services. Everyone on his team is happy to receive a free consultation to inquire about different design and color options. They create the best confidence and professionalism for customers.


  • Online booking facility
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking facility
  • Neutral restrooms
  • NFC mobile payments

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting: Women’s Haircut, Men’s Haircut, and Kid’s Haircut Services
  2. Hair Coloring: Lo-Lights, Balayage, and Hair Color Correction Services
  3. Hair Styling: Hair Best Extensions, Hair Styling, and Blow Out Services
  4. Hair Treatment Services: Keratin Treatment and Perms
  5. Hair Drying Services: Blow Dry


4. Vince’s Salon Garland Tx

Address: 5966 Broadway Blvd, Garland          Phone: 972-240-8730

Vince’s Salon was established in Garland in 1994. This Salon has been providing desirable and professional services to the people of Garland. Local people of Garland know very well the importance of this Salon. Because they choose very suitable packages and prices for their local people according to their principles, this Salon has been providing its best services in Garland for over ten years. This Salon has an experienced team of hairstyle designs with overall professional services. The team devotes all its time to providing the best hair care and coloring services to the local people. Do not hesitate to provide services.

All the hairdressers in their team are skilled in hair extensions, blonde highlights, and hair cutting for the customers with their extensive knowledge and professional services. Carries specially organized products that continually exceed the customer’s expectations in a perfect environment. The Salon would happily offer a last-minute appointment option for the customer’s convenience. And for himself, he causes a complimentary consultation.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking services
  • Online booking
  • NFC mobile payments
  • RestRoom

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting and Styling: Hair trims and perms, Hair Blowout, and Blow Dry Services
  2. Hair Coloring: Hair color and styles, Balayage, and Ombre Services
  3. Hair TreatmentSmoothing Hair treatment, Keratin treatment, Relaxers, and Hair Conditioning Services
  4. Body Care Services: Message services
  5. Facial Services: Facial treatment


5. Doris Beauty Salon Garland Tx

Address: 150 W Kingsley Rd Ste 526, Garland          Phone: 972-926-9048

Doris Beauty Salon has served professional cosmetologists in Garland for over 11 years. This is the best professional hair salon in the Garland area. Their great team works like family and friends and is a haven for the community. Professionally implements all CDC regulations to maintain. They have all the latest professional hair and fashion services to maintain the quality the customer wants. Customers are treated with value, and their work is essential. Every customer who comes is very impressed with their work and wants to make an appointment to go again. Every time you visit their salon.

You will find a classy and professional atmosphere. A team in this announcement will help you to make yourself the way you want to be. This salon knows your worth very well and will give you the best communication and teamwork with people confidently. You will get more information, promotions and offers from official Facebook Page.


  • Online booking is available
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Parking Facility
  • Clear and Clean environment

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Women’s Haircut, Men’s Haircut, and Kid’s Haircut
  2. Hair Treatment and Styling Services: Blowout Services, Hair Conditioning, and Keratin Treatment
  3. Other Services: Facial Services and Scallop Message


6. Hair Pro Garland

Address: 5026 N Jupiter Rd, Garland          Phone: 972-530-9636

Hair Pro has provided a professional and friendly atmosphere in Garland. The Salon opened in Garland in 1995 with excellent service in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Hair stylists at this salon are highly trained and Professional. Each professional stylist has the best experience at Garland’s Top Hair Salon, having worked in several salons. The salon uses brands such as Kerastase, L’Oreal, and Arimino, along with the latest technology and professional methods with the best quality. Here every customer’s hair needs are taken care of in the best possible way in a professional manner. Dev says it’s not a common place to get a haircut, but whenever I need a quick haircut, I go to this salon.

Every time I come to this salon, I am greeted with a warm welcome, and wait times are never less than ten minutes, even on busy days. The hair stylists at this salon are always friendly and helpful. Professionally provided me with attentive service, paid particular attention to what I wanted, and gave me the perfect cut that looked good. If you need a haircut at a great price, you are provided with the best service. I received the service and asked them for permission to come again. I am very impressed with their work.


  • Online booking facility
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Credit Card facility
  • Parking

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Women’s Haircuts, Men’s Haircuts, Kids’ Haircuts and Style
  2. Hair Treatment: Blow-Dry and Shampoo Services
  3. Hair Extension and Color: Color Extensions Services, Light and Dark Hair Extensions
  4. Digital Permanent Wave in Japanese Style
  5. Straight Hair Services in Brand Products


7. Happy Hair Salon Garland Tx

Address: 3112 N Jupiter Rd #416, Garland          Phone: 214-892-3333

Happy Hair Salon is doing professional work in Garland. Locals here are delighted with their work this year. In terms of hair, they have experienced hair stylists who are very welcoming and trusting to customers. People here are happy with their work. Modern technology is used for haircutting and coloring. Special care is taken in hair treatment and conditioning to protect the hair. Hair highlights include all the features, like full highlights and half highlights. This salon also offers natural hair extensions. Apart from this, eye extensions and eyebrow facilities are also available. You will get more information, promotions and offers from official Facebook Page.


  • Online booking services
  • Credit Card Accepted
  • Private parking facility

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting Services: Standard Hair Cutting and Kids Hair Cutting
  2. Hair Treatment & Extensions: General Hair Treatment, Hair Extensions, and Premium Hair Extensions
  3. Hair Coloring Services: Corrective Coloring, Ombre Coloring, and Hair Perming Services
  4. Facial Treatment Services: Standard Facial Treatment and Bridal Facial Treatment
  5. Additional Services: Waxing


8. Hair Plus Salon

Address: 437 N Garland Ave, Garland          Phone: 972-276-9945

Hair Plus Salon in Garland has provided excellent and professional services. This salon gives special attention to hair and its treatment. Every customer is warmly welcomed at this place. All their services and treatments are tailored to suit all hair standards. Every customer who comes to their salon is delighted with their work and service because they love their hair. You will get more information, promotions and offers from official Facebook Page.

To complete the service in a particular style to meet the customer’s standards. They have full hair highlights as well as half hair highlights. They are also waxing and blowouts and the like. Services are also available with them. Every customer visiting this salon is given special attention and treated with exceptional services.


  • Online Facility
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bike parking facility
  • Wheelchair accessories

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Services: Hair cuts and style, Blow Dry, Hair Extensions, and Hair Waves
  2. Special Services: Special Bridal services
  3. Coloring Services: Correction Coloring and Balayage Services 
  4. Specific Demographic Services: Men’s cut and Kids cut services


9. Shakira Salon

Address: 118 E Centerville Rd, Garland          Phone: 972-840-0450

Shakira is a hairstylist who provides excellent and professional services at her salon in Garland. Their team’s attitude is very positive and welcoming. The salon is immaculate, playing an essential role in providing the best services to the customers. The work of the hairstylist in this salon is very standard and professional. “My whole family has been getting their hair cut at this salon for over 15 years. I am very particular and careful with my hair. The two hair stylists here are very kind to me.” Looks good. Because she can touch my hair well, they are very professional and business minded.

They are wonderful people and a top team providing excellent service. Another customer, Ren, says, “I recommend working at this place because they work exceptionally well.” they are as I want. Whether it’s hair coloring or styling, their team provides friendly services.


  • Online booking services
  • Neat clean salon
  • Bike and car parking
  • Free Wi-Fi

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Hair Cutting: Different haircuts for men, women, and Kids hair cuts
  2. Hair Treatment Services: Hair conditioning, Hair treatment, and Keratin treatment
  3. Hair Styling Services: Special natural color extensions and Balayage
  4. Eyebrow Services: Eyebrow extensions
  5. Hair Care Services like Hair massage
  6. Facial treatment


10. Great Clips Salon

Address: 4280 Lavon Dr Ste 228, Garland          Phone: 972-530-7000

Great Clips is located in Firewall Market in Garland, offering great haircuts for men, women, children, and seniors. Women’s Hairdressing has a skilled team dedicated to providing the best haircuts for women and plays an important role. Hair stylists offer bobs, blondes, layers, and other popular cutting services in women’s hair cutting. In cutting children’s hair, we use services that the child completes well, and that the kids enjoy. Great Clips also plays an essential role in cutting hair and providing excellent services to seniors. There is a unique, comfortable chair for seniors.

They are seated and given the kind of service they want. This salon focuses on shampooing and styling hair well. All customer services are taken care of and welcomed with an open heart. The staff here are very professional. All kinds of bangs and neck trimming services are provided, and its stylists play an essential role in executing the service with speed.


  • Online booking is available
  • Free WiFi
  • Bang trim services
  • Wheelchair access
  • Parking services

Business Highlights and Services

  1. Haircut Services: Women’s Haircut, Men’s and Kids Hair Cuts, and Senior’s Haircut Services
  2. Hair Styling Services: Bang Trims Services, Kids Hair Styling, and Hair Trim Services
  3. Hair Treatment Services: Hair Conditioning and Shampoo Services, Color Correct Hair Services, Hair Highlights
  4. Male-Specific Services: Beard Neck Services
  5. Other Services: Waxing and Scallop Message.